Mistakes when choosing a TV: how to choose the right TV for business

  • 2.3.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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During a conversation with some individuals, it turns out that they have not watched TV for ten years from the word “at all”. And all the latest news is learned from the Internet. Indeed, in the era of analog television, the audience had little choice: monotonous shows, melodramas watched thousands of times, concerts on holidays with ever-living Russian pop stars.

But the situation has changed radically after the advent of Internet technologies and Smart TV. Now the buyer can decide for himself what to watch – dystopias and disaster films, a rare concert of an idol of the 60s, or educational programs about the life of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. What’s more, if you decide to buy an LG TV, you can turn it into a gaming display, enjoying your favorite racing and shooting games on a huge screen. But in order for a TV to really please you, you need to beware of some common mistakes when choosing it.

Wrong screen size

There are two extremes – too large and miniature TV. On the one hand, I want to have a huge plasma of 75 or even 100 inches in the house. But will it be appropriate in a tiny living room, where the distance from one wall to another is no more than two or three meters?

Ошибки при выборе телевизора

Too small a screen, such as 32 inches, for a living room in an ordinary three-room apartment is also not the best choice. You will either have to sit close to the TV, or move it to the kitchen or bedroom. And again return to the question of choosing a TV for the living room.

Technologies you don’t need

Today everyone is talking about quantum dots. LG offers Nano Cell and QNED TVs. In hardware stores, they look really amazing. To attract buyers, they specially include videos with beautiful views and scenes – exotic fish, mountain panoramas, starry sky. But price tags in the region of 100 thousand hryvnia and more are not the most pleasant sight.

8K UHD resolution on a QLED TV is really cool. However, if you prefer to watch regular TV and the occasional movie from the Internet, the LG 4K UHD Smart TV with LED or Direct LED lighting is a great choice. Yes, and it costs several times cheaper.

TVs from unknown Chinese brands

как правильно подбирать ТВ

When it comes to buying an inexpensive device for elementary purposes, many buyers think: why pay for LG or Samsung, if TVs of such and such a brand are three times cheaper? But budget TVs from an unverified manufacturer are a mess from day one:

  • does not connect to Wi-Fi, although the specifications indicate “Smart TV support”;
  • inconvenient control panel that breaks quickly;
  • an outdated version of the Android operating system, and it is impossible to deal with it. Yes, and the menu can be in hieroglyphs;
  • terrible picture and sound quality.

If there is not enough money for LG, there are budget TVs Gazer, realme, Xiaomi, KIVI on the market. These companies have been operating in Ukraine for a long time, and the quality of their products is confirmed by numerous reviews. We also note that in the online store of the official dealer of LG, Samsung and other brands, customers are offered a profitable interest-free installment plan for up to ten months.

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