Comprehensive Internet Marketing

Recently, companies from such segments of the economy have been most actively interested in promoting on the Internet and using Internet marketing in their activities:

  • medium and small companies operating in various fields outside the Internet. For them, Internet marketing is a new and promising channel of promotion;
  • companies engaged in e-commerce and all kinds of online stores, which are going up and up;
  • major internet portals;
  • online services;
  • companies creating apps for mobile devices.

In order to provide high-quality Internet marketing services, it is necessary to take into account all the features of working in a particular economy sector, region, market niche.

  • Medium and small companies operating in various fields outside the Internet
  • E-commerce companies
  • Major Internet portals
  • Online services
  • Companies creating apps for mobile devices

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Solutions for business niches

Just as a few years ago in the west, the relevance of niche products and services began to increase in our market. Increasingly, companies occupying various niches are considering the Internet as an additional or even the main communication channel. Despite the large number of general strategies and concepts that can be applied to most projects, they are not enough for niche products. Therefore, we take into account the specifics of the segment in which the company operates in order to get the most out of all marketing activities. Internet marketing and website promotion for content-based projects and for commercial websites cannot be exactly the same. For small regional businesses, medium-sized companies and international project a different approach will also be required when forming a marketing strategy. The MAVR Internet marketing agency offers its own approach for each niche, which helps to solve the individual tasks of a particular company.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing. Advantages

Regardless of the size of the business, the scale of the advertising campaign and the ambition of the goals set by the customer, we practice an integrated approach to Internet marketing to promote websites, products and services. This is the only way to achieve the maximum result, which is expressed in a customer profit increase.

Website search-engine Internet marketing

Website search-engine Internet marketing is the basis of Internet promotion for any project and business. First places entry of your website in the search engine ensures a constant and stable influx of visitors, most of whom are your target audience. Properly conducted search engine optimization of the website allows you to increase the quality of visitors, increasing conversion. This means that sales of goods and services will grow, increasing the company’s profit.

Promotion with contextual advertising

Promotion with contextual advertising is an effective marketing tool for website promotion, which leads people already looking for your products to your page. The advantage of contextual advertising is that you pay only for visitors who belong to the target audience of your product or service.

Display advertising

Display advertising is also used in Internet marketing when promoting goods, services, brands. This type of advertising activity increases brand awareness well, establishes strong associations with your product among the target audience, but its effectiveness increases with an increase in the audience. That is, display advertising is used for large campaigns that require a constant and wide presence in the Internet space.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing allows you to establish closer contact with the target audience, increase consumer loyalty to the company. For small regional projects, as well as for companies in some niches, it helps to significantly raise the level of sales.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the oldest and most developed channels of communication with consumers on the Internet. Despite the emergence of new channels and technological improvement of algorithms for analyzing the behavior of network users, e-mail marketing remains one of the most effective means of increasing sales. Modern solutions allow you to combine the mass nature of emailing with an individual approach to the client.

Viral promotion

Viral promotion is one of the youngest ways to promote websites, brands, products and services. This type of promotion involves the distribution of viral media material by network users, which causes a strong emotional reaction. Most often, this is some kind of entertainment content that attracts attention to your product or service in one way or another. Viral videos and other content are made and posted on the Internet in such a way that users want to share it with friends and acquaintances.

Website audit and consulting

Website audit and consulting does not apply to advertising or other activity directly related to promotion on the Internet. And yet, without a comprehensive audit, it is impossible to develop an Internet marketing strategy for a large or small company. We also give recommendations related to the optimization of the website and communications on the Internet for a better business result.

PR on the Internet

PR on the Internet refers to indirect advertising, but it works well to increase brand awareness, increase presence in the information space. Publications in major and industry media always attract the attention of some part of the target audience that has not been covered by other communication channels.

All these activities are integral parts of an integrated approach to Internet marketing. Comprehensive Internet marketing allows the most effective use of all available communication channels for promotion. Comprehensive coverage makes it possible to react quickly to market changes, and provides a stable long-term result with various options for its development.

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Strategic approach to increasing sales from your website

Our Internet marketing services are based on the integrated use of all marketing tools to achieve the strategic goals of the advertising campaign. To order effective Internet marketing for your website from the MAVR marketing agency means to ensure a stable and long-term effect of increasing sales of your products and services. The secret of an effective advertising campaign on the Internet lies in a carefully developed promotion strategy and focus on results.

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