Buying Tezer with a PrivatBank card in an online exchanger

  • 11.8.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Tether is the world’s first fiat currency, the US dollar. This is displayed in the name of the coin. This is where tether differs significantly from ethereum and bitcoin: their exchange rate changes regularly, which entails difficulties in paying. Tether combines the best of fiat and cryptocurrencies, has become a convenient new means of payment, an investment method: altcoin can be given at interest, as well as on loan. Today it is the most popular cryptocurrency for settlements.

Digital coins are an integral part of everyday life, and Tether is no exception. Today it is an attractive way to save capital. If you need to make a deal and buy a tether with a private card, FlyPay, a convenient, reliable online crypto exchange service, will help. Payment can be made for hryvnia, dollars or euros. Whatever continent or time zone a person is on, he can sell Tether for hryvnias and other currencies and get money on the card within a few minutes. It is convenient, fast and reliable.

Teser Features

Tether TRC20 USDT is a cryptocurrency that belongs to the stablecoin category. This category includes crypto assets, the prices of which are pegged to the exchange rate. USDT is pegged to the US dollar.

The TRC20 technical standard means that this crypto is managed on the TRON blockchain. This network was created five years ago. Since then, TRON has been one of the most popular blockchain networks in the entertainment industry.

The main advantage of the TRON network among competitors is the low transaction fees within the ecosystem. At the same time, the transfers themselves do not become slower.

How to buy Tezer?

It is not necessary to register to make a transaction on the platform.

The interface of the purchase page is extremely simple, the user can easily calculate the cost of Tether depending on the amount (the currency being paid is also taken into account in the calculation).

So, first they link their debit or credit card, and then:

  • choose the desired pair, for example USDT-UAH;
  • indicate the amount of the purchase;
  • confirm the purchase;
  • waiting for the transaction to complete.

Everything is very simple. The intuitive design makes withdrawals easy and affordable.

Features and benefits of accessing the online platform

Buying Tezer with a PrivatBank card in an online exchanger

FlyPay is a service for prompt purchase of Tezer using a bank card. This is a certified operator with licenses for the sale of cryptocurrencies from the relevant financial regulator.

For the user, this is an absolute plus. First of all, the purchase here is safe: all risks are on the operator when a check is necessary. The crypt is delivered on time, the support service is in touch with its customers 24/7.

Transfers using this platform are prompt: on average, the delivery time of ether to the user’s e-wallet is up to a quarter of an hour (depending on how busy the network is at the time of the client’s request).

The online service offers its customers a favorable exchange rate, its correction is carried out in correlation according to the data of providers on liquidity. What does it mean to purchase Tezer on the service is available at the cost that is closest to the market price.

It is not difficult to interact with the service: to buy on the e-exchanger, the user needs to click just a couple of buttons.

There are no hidden commissions on the service – the client sees the final cost of Tezer immediately. The purchase is absolutely legal, verification is not required to a certain financial threshold (this will be specified by the service operator).

The service guarantees complete anonymity and loyalty even to users who have not registered on the site. For those who have created their personal account on the platform, the company accrues various discounts as the user actively makes exchanges using the service.

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