For an aspiring entrepreneur: “How to find an idea for a business if you are 50+”

  • 30.9.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Business

After 50 years it is difficult to get a job, there is an age limit behind the scenes. Do not underestimate your huge potential, but try to apply it in business:

  • knowledge (sometimes in several areas);
  • ability to communicate, a large circle of acquaintances;
  • worldly wisdom;
  • lack of illusions;
  • adult children.

Do what interests you, makes you happy, benefits you, and what people will buy.

Where to look for interesting ideas?

  1. Thousands of articles have been written with common business ideas. Remember, you can’t just copy, you need to be different from competitors in some way.

Please take a look, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you:

  • Manufacture and sale of handicrafts.
  • Furniture assembly, minor repairs, locksmith work.
  • Courier service.
  • Holidays for kids.
  • Design.
  • Psychological services.
  • Lawyer consulting.
  • Tutoring.
  • Rental Property.
  • Tourist agency.
  1. Do not trust advertising tricks about quick, easy money without experience and skills. You should not spend large amounts on the purchase of materials, training, training. Check out the opinions of those who have practically tried to implement these ideas.
  2. There are proposals to open a franchise business. This option is not suitable for everyone, you need to make a fairly decent lump-sum (entrance) fee. And most importantly – there are no guarantees of success, a lot of negative reviews.
  3. Remember and realize your old dream, the most daring idea!

Have you always wanted to draw? It’s never too late to start writing and selling paintings, creating graphic layouts for advertising.

Are you great at cooking? Open a unique cafe with author’s cuisine or bake homemade bread according to old recipes.

Maybe you like taking pictures? Think of ideas for taking photos of interiors, becoming a master of photo shoots, a street photographer.

  1. Learn from the youth! Now it is fashionable to choose an activity that helps to develop, learn new things, travel. Why, then, are retired people most often advised to take up knitting socks, growing seedlings, or vacancies for cleaners, cloakroom attendants or janitors?
  2. The ideas of a healthy lifestyle, active longevity, organic nutrition are very popular. You can organize health-improving gymnastics, make a menu for weight loss or collect medicinal herbs.

Brilliant ideas are born when you are ready to accept and understand them! Often the ideas come while relaxing, walking in nature, going shopping, reading books or chatting with friends. Don’t miss out, sign them up!

We live in a wonderful time, use the current opportunities and start your business at any age!

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