Quizzes for the site: features and capabilities

  • 31.1.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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A quiz is a quiz with multiple answers. A quiz landing is a collection of applications through questionnaires.

What are quiz sites?

In general, a quiz site is a site with polls, quizzes and games, through which buyers can learn more selling information about a product or service. After passing the tests in their entirety, you can see all the results immediately or register and receive everything by e-mail. This is used by various large companies to promote their business. Also, the creators of such quizzes will be able to learn more about the preferences and needs of their potential customers. This has a much better effect on buyers than a regular landing page, since passing tests is much more interesting than reading a simple sales text about a product.

Benefits of quizzes

  1. First of all, people combine business with pleasure: playing a game they have fun and at the same time learn important information about products.
  2. If in landing you can scroll through the text, then in tests you play, gradually learning new information.
  3. Higher conversion rate to leads and sales compared to regular landing pages.
  4. The cost of developing quizzes is low.
  5. The company will be able to analyze the preferences of its customers and understand what they like and what they don’t.

Types of quizzes

All quizzes are divided into two types – entertaining and selling.

Entertainment is mainly made by the brands themselves and unobtrusively offers their products.

Selling quizzes differ from entertaining ones in that in the latter, the buyer gradually answers questions in a playful way, and the test does not seem to advertise anything, but at the same time it draws attention to the brand. In sales, everything works straightforwardly: the client answers questions only on a specific topic and immediately receives an answer with an offer to purchase the desired product.

How to make quizzes: long or short?

It all depends on the audience. Of course, it is better to make quizzes medium in length so that the client can get the necessary information without spending a lot of time on it.

Why do companies or brands need quizzes?

  1. Increasing company awareness or brand promotion.
  2. Analysis of the audience and its preferences.
  3. Increasing demand for products and sales.

For which companies and brands is a quiz landing suitable?

The best option for quizzes is companies where you can collect all the information about the preferences of potential buyers: furniture manufacturing companies, organizing something, making and selling clothes, marketing, selling or renting real estate and much more.

You always need to analyze competitors, do better than theirs and thereby attract more customers.

In conclusion, we can say that promoting products using quizzes is a very good solution for companies and brands. Advertising due to the game form becomes more interesting, unobtrusive and much more popular with buyers.

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