7 bloggers in Germany that all online marketers need to know

  • 24.7.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing

If you are interested in marketing in Europe, and especially in Germany, then for you I have compiled a list of bloggers, experts and influencers who actively blog on Instagram, with an emphasis on SMM and influencer marketing in Germany. Despite the fact that their number of subscribers may seem less than that of the famous bloggers of our Ukraine, it should be remembered that Instagram in Germany is not as developed as ours. So let’s go.

1. Dominik Artefex (@dominik.artefex)

If you have moved to Germany and have run into local bureaucracy, take a look at Dominik’s profile. It demonstrates situations associated with slowness and bureaucracy on the part of the Germans. His sharp humor and good mood will help you cope with everyday difficulties.

2. Inga Lamouroux (@Inga_Lamouroux)

Inga is Director of Marketing at one of the leading online marketing agencies in Germany. She is originally from Estonia and in her marketing and business promotion blog Marketinga provides valuable knowledge to the Ukrainian audience about the specifics of marketing in Germany. On Instagram, it makes it easier to integrate into the European community and avoid the most common mistakes that can lead to nasty fines in Germany.

3. Caro Dauer (@carodaur)

Karo is not only a successful fashion model, but also an example of what type of woman the German public likes. Her profile is distinguished by a skillful alternation of formats and styles from ideal to humorous. Caro always emphasizes that she is a human being, and although this may be too natural for other countries, it is this approach that resonates with the German audience.

4. Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k)

With 700k followers, Thomas Kakareko is a content marketer at Dept Agency and a successful freelance photographer. His profile draws attention with his quality shots and his ability to create compelling visual stories.

5. Julia Schröder (@juliabeautx)

With 2.4 million followers, Yulia Schroeder started out as a video blogger, then switched to fashion content on Instagram. Her style draws attention and influences a lot of people, making her an important player in the German marketing scene.

6. Patrik Biedenkamp (@pilotpatrick)

Patrick is a real pilot, fitness enthusiast and model, he has 700 thousand subscribers. His profile combines breathtaking images with photos from his travels to create unique and compelling content.

7. Pia Wurtzbach (@piawurtzbach)

With 9.3 million followers, Pia Wurzbach, although originally from the Philippines, was born and raised in Germany. Her profile focuses on the world of fashion and style, and she is a prime example of the successful use of Instagram as a fashion promotion platform.

These marketers provide unique insights into the German marketing landscape and help you understand the specifics of working with a German audience. Their Instagram profiles are a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone looking to successfully develop their marketing strategies in Germany.

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