How to promote web resources in the Western market: 5 aspects

  • 28.8.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing, SEO

Business does not stand still. Growth and development for him is the basis of existence. Even a short stop in one place is a chance for competitors. Therefore, entry into the Western market for Ukrainian business in today’s conditions is only a matter of time. In order not to lose it, you should already sign up for SEO training from the Webpromoexperts internet marketing academy, where internet marketing practitioners will share the secrets of playing by the rules of digital marketing.

Як просувати вебресурси на західному ринку

How to start a journey into the unknown

Entering the Western market is a real way out of your comfort zone, even for an experienced SEO specialist. The skills of working in the Ukrainian market will certainly be a good foundation, but it will take a lot of effort and time to explore the new environment.

As for the vector of movement, you should choose a country in accordance with your own capabilities, preferences and prospects for promoting a particular product. The opinions of experts differ, since everyone evaluates the country in which they had to work subjectively. You can push off from the language, without knowing which you can not do. English seems to be a universal solution, so attention should be paid to the US and UK.

To master a new market, it is worth checking and, if necessary, “pumping” your knowledge and skills in the following issues:

  • building a strategy;
  • optimization and work with promotion tools;
  • website development and design;
  • knowledge of Google search engine algorithms;
  • use of SEO optimization programs – Ahrefs (comprehensive SEO audit), Similarweb (competitor analysis), Answer The Public (work with search queries).

It is equally important to prepare psychologically, because there is a lot of work, challenges and stress ahead. Moral setting for competition, self-development and striving for a specific goal will help you not to go astray and not give up with the first failure.

Посилення присутності на західному ринку

Direction to the west: moving systematically

When planning to enter a foreign market, first of all, you should study the culture and mentality of the locals. Personal communication, analysis of preferences, interests and needs, review of sites and offers of competitors will help to form a complete picture and choose your target audience. Further actions should be based on the following aspects:

  1. Thrift. To break through the competition of the Western market, you should not simultaneously invest in all advertising channels at the same time – this will only prematurely deplete the budget. It’s better to test everything one by one, scaling up the successful ones and excluding the bad ones.
  2. Audience search. Google advertising is the most effective tool for reaching a wide audience.
  3. Social network. Their use is mandatory, but only after a deep analysis of the target audience (age, gender, social status, interests) and their preferences on social networks.
  4. Email marketing. This communication channel is much more popular in the West than in Ukraine, so it should not be neglected. Working with regular customers has a higher potential than finding new ones.
  5. Marketplace. Promotion on large marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay will help you quickly attract a large audience.

From the moment you enter a new market, don’t forget about analytics. Data processing should not be left for later – a timely study of the effectiveness of the involved promotion methods will allow you to quickly navigate in a dynamic environment and adjust the strategy without unnecessary costs.

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