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  • 3.1.2024
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What is a task manager?

Task Manager is a program with which you can make your life much easier. They differ in the number of functions. For example, the simplest ones allow you to create a task and delete it after it is completed. There are task managers with a wide range of functions. These programs can be purchased or downloaded for free.

At the moment, most companies use automated task management with the help of task managers, which help organize collaboration within the team. For example, the NIX Solutions team is engaged in SEO promotion using task managers. Thanks to this, Clients can clearly track at what stage a particular project task is, as well as the number of hours spent on it, etc. You can find a success story on the Clutch website (B2B ratings and reviews) – NIX Solutions reviews.

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The best free task managers

Just Task

One of the best free task managers is Just Task with a nice design and simple controls. In it, you can create categories that make up tasks of various directions – household chores, work, study, etc. In each category, you can create a task. Everything is quite simple here – the task is written, and after execution it is deleted. This option is good for those who are too lazy to understand various complex functions. Of the additional features – Just Task allows you to send a task by mail. This program is a great option for those who need something simple.

Google Tasks

If you want a more complex and functional task manager, we recommend that you pay attention to Google Tasks. It has a lot of different functions. Not all paid apps have as many features. All data placed in the task manager can be synchronized with the server. Thus, it is possible to access them from the browser.

Settings allow you to set a password to protect data, change the background image. Google Tasks has a calendar, so all tasks can be seen in the calendar grid, add events, etc. It is very convenient to import the birthdays of all your contacts here to keep everything in one place. In the future, you will see the birthday in the list of your tasks.

You can add an entry by clicking on the button in the form of a plus sign from any section of the menu. You can assign a name, category, priority to a task and protect it with a password. The Action item allows you to fill in what you are going to do – for example, make a business call, send a letter in the mail, meet someone. You can add the start and end time of the task, the type of record (meeting, event, etc.).

Google Tasks is a great app that opens up a lot of possibilities. There is a task manager, and a calendar that supports instant notifications and reminders, and the ability to make a shopping list. However, the program has its drawbacks. For example, not a very user-friendly interface. At first, it is very difficult to understand the menu and find the desired function, but this is a matter of habit – the more often you use the program, the sooner you will remember what and where is located.


Another free application GoodTasks – this task manager is designed for those who work in a team. For example, if you are running one or more projects with a group of people, you probably use Skype or mail to communicate with colleagues. However, working with GoodTasks is much more convenient if, for example, you want to view tasks that have been completed before or create a task for a certain period. You can, of course, store and reread letters or messages, create special packs in your mail and put letters from colleagues in them, but you must admit that this is not very convenient and takes a lot of time. GoodTasks offers you an easier solution.

GoodTasks allows users to create projects and tasks, assign those who will carry them out, set deadlines for completion of work, indicate the type of task, track tasks by mail, discuss with project participants, send and receive any number of files, correspond within the program, having all copies on mail. There are other functions, but these are quite enough for team work on the project.


As you can see, free task managers differ in functionality and purpose. Modern technologies allow you to choose the application that is right for you. You can download the applications presented in the article for free.

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