How to effectively search for work in Ukraine using Jooble?

  • 26.10.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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What is Jooble and how does it work?

Jooble is a job search service founded in 2006 by Ukrainian students Roman Prokofiev and Evgeniy Sobakarev. Currently, Jooble operates in 71 countries and has an interface translated into 25 languages. This was done because there is a demand; many people search for “jobs Ukraine” on the Internet every day, hoping to find the ideal vacancy for themselves.

Jooble’s main mission is to help people find jobs. According to the company, top job boards collect only 30% of all open vacancies, so Jooble helps you find those vacancies that go unnoticed on the Internet.

In addition, the Jooble platform has a subscription system that provides access to candidate contacts and recruiting tools through the use of the J’coins currency. Users can choose a subscription period of 1, 3 or 12 months.

Many companies are looking for talented people to expand their teams. The Jooble platform can be a great help in finding a job. For example, using the phrase “Dnepr robot” you can find a wide range of vacancies in different industries, which allows candidates to find the best offers for their skills and interests.


Benefits of finding a job through Jooble

Finding a job through Jooble has several advantages:

  • Large database of vacancies: Jooble aggregates vacancies from different sources to provide users with a wide range of opportunities. The site collects current vacancies from verified employers from all over the world, which allows you to find a suitable vacancy in just a few steps.
  • Free services for job seekers: All services provided on the Jooble website for job seekers are free, including creating a search engine account, setting up a subscription to jobs and sending reviews to jobs.
  • Job Storage Option: Jooble provides a tool to store jobs that users want to view or apply for later.
  • Easy Login and Registration: Registering on Jooble is much easier than on other platforms. It is enough to have an existing Google profile to log into the site.
  • Contact with employers: By creating a profile, employers can see you in the Jooble database and independently contact you to offer you a job.
  • Regional Search: On Jooble, you can select a region for your search query, allowing you to focus on job openings in a specific geographic area.

These and other features make Jooble an effective job search tool.

Key features of Jooble for job search

When looking for a first job or a change in employment, many job seekers are faced with the problem of lack of relevant experience. However, some companies are ready to give newcomers a chance, especially in large cities such as Kyiv. The Jooble platform can be a useful resource in this regard, because here you can find vacancies for the phrase “jobs without experience Kyiv”. Search filters and regular updates allow you to quickly respond to new offers and, perhaps, find the desired job even without extensive experience in the chosen industry.

To effectively search for work in Ukraine using Jooble, you should:

  1. Create a profile: Register on Jooble so employers can find you.
  2. Use search filters: set geographic region, type of employment, company, etc.
  3. Subscribe to updates: receive notifications of new vacancies to your email.
  4. Save Jobs: Save interesting jobs for later viewing.
  5. Submit Job Feedback: Apply for jobs directly through the Jooble platform.

These steps will help you make the most of Jooble’s job search capabilities in Ukraine.

Jooble is a popular resource for finding jobs in Ukraine and other countries, providing an extensive database of vacancies, a simple interface and free tools for search engines. With filtering features, job subscriptions, and the ability to store jobs, Jooble is an effective tool for finding the job you’re looking for. Registering a profile, actively searching, and reviewing job openings can significantly increase your chances of finding a job through this platform.

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