9 “DON’Ts” When Blogging or Basic Blogging Mistakes

  • 7.4.2021
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing
  1. “DO NOT” delete comments

We do not advise you to delete comments on your post – even if they are sheer nonsense. Obscene language can always be replaced with [censored], but the entire comment should not be touched. Even the most negative reaction is a reaction, and who knows what kind of discussion it will entail. Maybe in the future you will thank this person, because because of his comment you learned something positive for yourself. Spam, of course, does not fall under the category “Do not delete!”.

ведение блога

  1. “DO NOT” order people

If you have something to say to people, it’s best to do it in the form of advice. Agree that not everyone is pleased to read articles in which someone who is not quite familiar or not familiar at all teaches you how and what to do. I think we all once said: “Yes, who are you to teach me.” And they did everything in their own way, but stumbled back to what we were told about. People listen to advice more often.

  1. “DO NOT” sell anything

This should not be taken literally. Ads should go separately from your general posts. And somehow including advertising in the feed or writing it in the body of your article is not the best idea. If you want to sell something – just advise it or express your opinion from using this product / service. This will get more responses. People are tired of advertising, but sometimes they believe the words and advice of other people more than the text professionally written by a copywriter. No one, of course, prevents you from making advertising posts in the form of advice / recommendations on your behalf. But this is something else – it is a matter of ethics and morality. Here everyone decides for himself.

  1. “DO NOT” be greedy

Sometimes bloggers block outgoing links with nofollow or redirects. For what? If the content and outgoing link is really worthwhile, use dofollow. Don’t be greedy.

  1. “DO NOT” be afraid to reply to comments

In some ways, this “NOT” is similar to the first paragraph, except for one. Sometimes bloggers ignore comments. I’m not talking about non-constructive communication, but normal. Criticize or praise you should not ignore it. In life, if you are praised, then you say “thank you”? So why not do it on your blog as well. And if they criticize you, they argue with you. Are you always just silent? Talk to your visitors, it will be helpful.

  1. “DO NOT” ignore opinions about you

If somewhere on the web, someone has spoken about your blog, your ideas and you agree with it, or vice versa – do not agree, speak out, do not ignore opinions, entering into a dialogue with another person, you help yourself and him in terms of image enhancement.

  1. “DO NOT” be afraid to make mistakes

We are all human and we make mistakes. It may well be that your thoughts/actions/ideas were wrong or wrong. Don’t get upset or angry about it. You just have to listen to what they say and take it into account. Correct this error and do not repeat it in the future.

  1. “DO NOT” Be Afraid of Grammar

Grammar errors in the text are quite acceptable. Sometimes we write our posts in a burst of creativity, and mistakes can creep into the text. Even if you write your posts first in Word, this does not mean that there will be no errors in the text. Grammar may not be, but stylistic, punctuation – completely. You don’t need to be afraid of it. You will notice it yourself or you will be told about it. But this does not mean that one can write in Albanian.

  1. “DO NOT” forget about backup

Finally, the most important advice. Don’t forget to make regular backups of your blog. Force majeure, hackers or their own crooked hands have not been canceled. So why take the risk again?

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