Milena Melnichuk: “Business + influence marketing = a hundredfold increase in sales”

  • 10.1.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing

Influencer marketing is the future of business

Influence marketing (influencer marketing) is the PR of the products of a company or brand through influencers (bloggers whose opinion is of great importance to the audience). This tool is a real must-have for 2022-2023.

This type of PR has many advantages over classic advertising. While the first (let’s say television) makes people irritable because it is broadcast to a large audience, influencer marketing is right on target. After all, influencer marketing is the opinion of an authoritative idol trusted by the target audience.

Another benefit is that influencer marketing doesn’t look like advertising in general. This is more of a friendly advice from an opinion leader who is trusted by subscribers. When this tool is involved in brand PR, potential buyers do not have a feeling of “pushing in” the product.

Influence marketing is not just about advertising, it’s about matching the values and audience of the influencer and the brand.

Moreover, advertising through bloggers is 3 times cheaper than target advertising. In the modern market, good advertising can be done not only through celebrities. Statistics show that almost 25% of young people trust their favorite blogger more than a generally recognized authority.

That is, PR through opinion leaders is much more efficient, effective, cheaper and more profitable.

Good, high-quality, and, most importantly, selling advertising is always an increase in income. And this is exactly what influencer marketing gives us.

Social media is the best sales platform in 2022-2023

Statistics show that the number of registered users of social networks as of 2021 is about 3.78 billion people. Compare: in 2017, this figure was 2.5 billion. As we all understand, the number will only grow, and social networks will develop.

Милена Мельничук, основательница агентства по инфлюенс-маркетингу «me agency”

Milena Melnichuk, founder of the influencer marketing agency “me agency”

Over the past five years, searches for “shopping on Instagram” have increased by 78%. Not to mention the number of hashtags #buycis, #buysneakersUkraine, etc. in the search bar of the network itself. That is why global brands are now actively introducing influence marketing into their PR, because the majority of potential buyers have fled here. Companies are looking for Instagram bloggers to make them their ambassadors or simply PR through opinion leaders with similar principles and concepts.

In the context of the pandemic, the growth of online shopping was inevitable, which means that businessmen and entrepreneurs who dealt with social networks have definitely increased their income significantly.

So, you should implement PR through influencers if you:

  • Entering the market for the first time and want to recruit a “clean” audience;
  • Launching the sale of a new product and want to introduce it to the target audience as soon as possible;
  • Look for new ways to promote;
  • Are you planning to expand the geography of your business and scale it;
  • Want to increase brand awareness.

To recap, social media is a great platform to sell a product. But here it is important to understand that only a professional will be able to competently build relationships between an opinion leader + a company. Influence marketers are such specialists.

Author: Milena Melnichuk, founder of the influence marketing agency “me agency”

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