Website Promotion Process: 6 SEO Misconceptions

  • 11.11.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Business, SEO

Many website owners have a misconception about search engine optimization. There is a lot of talk about SEO, and most of the issues in this area have already been studied. But there are also unresolved, causing controversy. Due to the regular release of new algorithms and their updates by popular search engines, it has become more difficult to follow the principles of successful optimization. To achieve a positive result in website promotion, you need to understand the main issues of SEO.

The main issues that cause misunderstanding in the process of website promotion

After optimizing all the parameters of the resource, you can promote the site to the top levels of the search and get a good profit from it. You just need to consider that you have to spend a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

  1. Position promotion is closely related to the improvement of such important metrics as traffic, leads, sales and profit. One will not work without the other, all elements are interconnected, and everything needs to be dealt with. The main goal of any enterprise is to make a profit, otherwise the business will cease to exist. It must be remembered that the position of the site is not the main task. Yes, it cannot be ignored, but you cannot focus on it alone.

Before you track the position of your site in the search engine, you need to answer the main questions:

  • the most profitable goods and services of the site;
  • how to improve sales in order to close profitable deals related to popular products;
  • how to optimize the site to increase sales;
  • Is the site structure correct?
  • whether the build-up of the reference mass is going on correctly and much more.
  1. Content. Content is good, of course. It must be of high quality, otherwise it makes no sense to engage in promotion. A well-written text will be in demand, it will be easier to promote it. You should not get carried away with the publication of “water” content of large sizes, because. this idle talk will not increase profits.
  2. External links. Do not get carried away by their number. Links should be, like content, of high quality. It is better to invest time and money in quality links than to work on quantity. Quality is best measured by the amount of referral traffic they bring to your site.
  3. Improving organic rankings with contextual advertising on Google. Google Ads has no effect on organic website promotion. As an indirect factor affects only behavioral factors. How people will behave on the site depends in a positive or negative way it will affect the site.
  4. The relations between the effectiveness of the SEO campaign that is promoting and the owner of the business. If you do not additionally invest in site improvements, content management, copywriting, layout, design and marketing, then nothing will work. In addition to classic SEO, a business owner needs to constantly work on all business processes that will ultimately also affect promotion.
  5. Saving a business with SEO. SEO is not going to help save a business in no time, you shouldn’t even count on it. This is a long term strategy. To achieve at least some stability in business, it will take at least six months, or even a year, and large financial investments.

Your actions

If the business goes beyond local entrepreneurship, and there are no funds for SEO, then it is recommended to abandon the services of cheap unverified campaigns and engage in independent study of the issue of optimizing the site for search engines.

This option will help save money for future more profitable investments that will help promote the site and make a good profit. Knowledge will not be superfluous, because. will help in the future to find shortcomings in the work of the resource and choose the right SEO campaign.

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