How to make money on Instagram: 5 popular ways

  • 17.11.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Russia ranks 5th in the world in terms of the number of Instagram users – this social network is regularly used by 51 million people (Report data “Digital 2020: July global statshot”). At the same time, 63% of them are people aged 18–34, that is, a solvent audience.

All this means that making money on Instagram is real. We’ve put together five ways to help you make social media your source of income. Moreover, in some of them it is not even necessary to create your own account – a great opportunity to earn money for those who do not want publicity or are not ready to constantly upload their photos.

Develop a blog and sell ads on it

The Russian Instagram advertising market is estimated at 11,919 billion rubles — this is how much money bloggers and celebrities receive in total for displaying goods and services on their blogs. Approximately 2,250 paid posts were published daily in 2019, according to the ADinBlog service.

Из отчета сервиса ADinBlog за 2019 год

From the ADinBlog service report for 2019

The most active are considered bloggers who have 15-50 thousand subscribers. They work better with the target audience, constantly come up with new ways to promote, and they don’t have enough ads to alienate users.

You can develop a blog in two formats:

  • personal brand;
  • public.

Lifestyle and mother blogs are very popular, but the competition among them is high.

пример инстаграм аккаунта has changed several topics throughout the life of the blog: sports, motherhood, lifestyle

Successful publics most often write on eternal topics: money, children, humor, series.

инста акк игры престолов

“Game of Thrones” has long ended, but the eponymous public continues to live and make money on the sale of merchandise


To create a successful blog, you need:

  • Come up with a blog theme and your own feature: an unusual story, communication style, design.
  • Prepare Content: Gather all the photos, videos, and stories you will be using.
  • Design a profile header: write who you are and what you do, who will benefit from reading you.
  • Start posting content: publish stories and posts, record videos for IGTV.
  • Recruit an audience: You can target, do PR with other growing blogs, or use a subscriber acquisition service like Tooligram.

The last method helps you get the right number of active followers the fastest. Interesting offers from brands begin to come after you get more than 10 thousand subscribers – accounts with such an audience can not only mark advertisers, but also provide links to stories.

Create an expert brand and sell your services

Unlike a blogger, an expert promotes himself first of all. He shares useful information, builds a positive reputation and trust, and then offers his services.

In an expert blog, information products are most often sold:

  • consultations;
  • trainings;
  • courses and webinars.


Создать бренд эксперта

Daria Berg helps people successfully transition to freelancing

You can sell your information products even without a face: @tinder_dnevnik hides his identity, but successfully runs marathons for girls who want to build normal relationships.

Обложки постов в аккаунте @tinder_dnevnik

Covers of posts in the account @tinder_dnevnik

An expert blog doesn’t have to be a boring information guide. In order to attract and retain an audience, an expert will need blogging skills:

  • write clearly and interestingly;
  • share your personal life;
  • express an opinion on popular topics in your niche;
  • take beautiful photos and videos.

Now Instagram is one of the most promising platforms where experts can earn money. Here are its main advantages:

  • you can upload text, visual and video content;
  • it is convenient to post reviews and describe cases from practice;
  • Easily communicate with people and get quick feedback;
  • you can offer free information products via a link or online;
  • Instagram algorithms promote posts based on user interest and response.

Otherwise, the promotion of an expert brand is similar to the promotion of a blog, which we wrote about above.

Sell your products on Instagram

You don’t have to be a world famous brand to run your own social media. Rather, on the contrary, Instagram helps promote local establishments: cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, dentistry, etc.

An important feature for an offline business on Instagram is that if you are not a tourist attraction like a hotel, museum or entertainment center, you only need to attract local followers. In order to designate a position, link your account to geolocation as much as possible:

  • write your city in the profile;
  • use local hashtags: #confectioneryMoscow, #beauty salonKrasnodar, etc.;
  • geotag your posts.
Проект «Квиз, плиз!»

Project “Quiz, please!” works in several cities at once – in each of them they maintain a separate account

Develop and administer other people’s accounts

If you do not want to develop a personal account, this is not necessary – you can start promoting other people’s accounts.

Here are the three most in-demand professions:

  • SMM specialist: helps to create a content plan and come up with a design, prepares and posts posts, works with bloggers;
  • targetologist: sets up and launches paid targeted advertising;
  • administrator: takes care of communication in the comments, organization of drawings and contests, work with advertisers.

SMM specialists and targetologists can get a job in a marketing department within a company, a marketing agency, or work as a freelancer. Administrators are most often self-employed, because the state rarely assigns an individual to this position.

Развивать и администрировать чужие аккаунты

Vacancy of a targetologist: even on a part-time basis, you can earn from 60 thousand rubles

The advantage of this way to earn money is that you are not limited by the salary rate and you can take on several projects at once to earn more. Ideally, if these are projects from related niches, then you will have to spend less time diving into the topic.

Можно совмещать сразу две роли, развивать личный бренд администратора и через него продавать свои услуги

You can combine two roles at once, develop a personal brand of an administrator and sell your services through it

Create content for posts and stories

If you know how to write texts and scripts well, draw pictures, take pictures, shoot and edit videos, there is also a place for you on Instagram.

Here are some options for what you can do:

  • make content plans and write texts;
  • think over scenarios for selling chains;
  • shoot videos for brands and bloggers;
  • edit video for feed, stories, IGTV;
  • draw pictures and edit photos;
  • create AR masks;
  • create photo and video creatives for targeted advertising;
  • arrange photo shoots for personal and product blogs.

Choose what is closest to you and offer your services. You can search for the first clients through acquaintances, freelance exchanges or in Telegram channels with vacancies.

Телеграм-каналы с вакансиями для удаленной работы

Telegram channels with vacancies for remote work

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