“Primitive” at first glance tips for building a team, without which you will not earn millions from Vladislav Limanyuk

  • 2.6.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Each entrepreneur has certain criteria for selecting a candidate for a job. Overwhelmingly, we require resilience, creativity, professionalism, teamwork… All these things are easily shown by resumes and tests that a candidate passes during the hiring process. However, when building, and especially when hiring, there are certain nuances that only a “trained eye” can notice. Today I, Vlad Limanyuk, will be for you. Because my five years of experience, a successful 0-100 company that brings in millions, a team united by common goals and projects that are already rebuilding Ukraine, prove that I have already trained my eye. Therefore, you will spend the next 5 minutes incredibly useful, emulating my “principles” of team building, which I have formed during this time. This is my kind of constitution, working flawlessly.

My first piece of advice: Hiring at your company is a lengthy process.

In the brain of a novice entrepreneur, the same processes take place as in a new racer in Formula 1: excitement and the expectation of victory blur their eyes. If a rider is given a new car that he hasn’t driven but has heard about, he will fall into the “I’m sure I’ll win, I know how to do it” network. Obviously, this is not the case, because practice and theory, as we all know, are completely different things. For an entrepreneur, such “cities” are a quick hiring, where theory is a resume, and practice is interviews, various tests, and just communication with a candidate. Opinions “Well, he has a good resume, as well… And there are not many candidates. I’ll take him to work, I’ll see you there ”- your false start, which will take money, effort and time. For the main goal of hiring is not just to recruit people, but to recruit the right people. A quick hiring is a huge start-up mistake that, if it doesn’t destroy the business, will make you pay in either time or money. At one of the Traffic Club 0-100 meetings, I realized that this is an obvious fact for me, but not for many aspiring entrepreneurs. That’s why I decided to start with it.

Fire fast

Believe me, suspicion is most often a real “green light” in order to free a person. I, like most entrepreneurs, agree with the idea of “cultivating” an employee. We believe that by giving a person knowledge, buying him courses or consultations, giving him time to rest, we can save the situation. However, it often happens that the person is simply not the right fit for your company. In this case, everything is very simple. You digitize its indicators as much as possible: if it is a sales department – by conversion, by the impressions of customers after communicating with an employee, by adapting a person to different situations and speed of decision-making. Then you show this to the employee, explain why he is not suitable for you and say goodbye to him. Time is money. Delay in this case, delaying the process of dismissal – things that are simply unacceptable in business. So you lose the quality of your services, money and, most importantly, your time. I never have disabled people. Because my team brings me millions of dollars.

People have only those accesses that they need directly for work

I made this mistake in the beginning, which cost me the loss of clients and an employee. My media buyer had one more of the main obligations: communication with clients. In the end, when he urgently needed money, he simply took the opportunity: he took these clients away from me. Moral: this employee is certainly to blame for the situation. However, my fault is much greater. I gave him the opportunity to do it. Having increased his obligations to those that he should not have, I literally put a torch in his hands, which I myself lit while we were in the gasoline-doused house. So, be sure to discuss the terms of cooperation and involve lawyers and sign contracts at the time of hiring. Take care of the security of your data and finances.

“Trojan horse” that awaits you in recruiting

Владислав Лиманюк

Target audience analysis, market analysis… We hear these things so often in business communications that they have already become commonplace. I suggest that you also analyze your employees. This makes it possible to track which people work for you, and, in fact, who you are looking for. This helps in describing the requirements for a particular position, in selecting an employee, and in many other recruiting aspects. However, here you may be in for a surprise. Of course, we cannot ignore the appearance of the candidate. For the way a person looks is a reflection of his view of the world: a stubborn person always goes in for sports, and this leaves an imprint on his body; a balanced and reasonable person meditates, and this can be seen from his facial expressions; a person who knows how to earn money wears expensive clothes and perfumes. This chain can be continued for a long time, but I try to convey that all habits, thoughts and actions are reflected in our appearance. However, there are situations when we look bad. We can get sick, experience financial difficulties, there can be a war in the country … And, of course, then it is difficult to guess about the inner world of a person behind his wrapper. That is why you should pay attention to appearance, but do not give it too much importance. Therefore, I recommend conducting all kinds of tests, interviews, and giving test tasks. Recruit people comprehensively, and not just according to one or two criteria. Treat the recruitment of employees to the team as the choice of a machine: your life depends on the serviceability of each of its parts, and your business depends on the skills and personal qualities of the employee.

I hope you will really consider what I have written here and put it to good use in business. My advice to you, as a person who has already come a long way, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, and not your own. Their incredibly effective, but leave very strong scars. Aliens, at first glance, are less effective, but do not leave any trace.

Draw knowledge from those who have already passed the path that you want to go. Get inspired and create. Take this article-constitution as the basis for building a team, and, believe me, the result will not keep you waiting.

Author: Vladislav Limanyuk, owner of the 0-100 company, which has three subsidiaries: Marketing 0-100 performance-marketing agency, Target 0-100 target training and Target 0-100 entrepreneurs club

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