Promotion of legal services on social networks

  • 1.2.2024
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Strategies for promoting a law firm on Instagram

Effective legal marketing requires a comprehensive approach that includes developing a content strategy, engaging with your audience, and leveraging all the platform’s capabilities to increase visibility and attract clients.

Strategy development is the key to success in the digital space. The strategy should include:

  • setting goals and objectives;
  • analysis of the target audience (3-5 portraits);
  • competitor analysis (3-5 pcs);
  • creating a tone of voice (brand voice);
  • content strategy: categories, post topics, frequency and examples of posts, activation mechanics
  • story: topics for posting, sections for highlights;
  • visual style;
  • references for photos;
  • promotion methods (targeted advertising/direct mailings/competitions/opinion leaders/hashtags, etc.);
  • KPI – key performance indicators.

High-quality and informative content that reflects the professionalism and expertise of the firm helps promote legal services. This may include publications on recent legal developments, analytical articles, case studies, and educational and informational videos. The content should not only be useful, but also easily digestible, since the peculiarity of social networks is quick consumption of information.

Interactivity plays a key role in promotion. Regular feedback from subscribers, conducting surveys, quizzes and Q&A sessions helps to increase audience engagement. This not only helps maintain interest in the page, but also creates an image of an open and customer-oriented company.

Using all content formats available on Instagram, such as posts, Stories, Reels, allows you to diversify the presentation of information and attract the attention of different audience segments. Particular attention should be paid to the visual component – high-quality photographs and videos significantly increase the attractiveness of the content.

Example 1 (visual + text content)

Promotion of legal services on social networks

Lawyer office in Athens | ⚖️ Ignatenko Anna. Pay attention to the visual component of the feed and the quality of the images. Her Instagram account has a lot of content, both informational (news about new laws, etc.) and educational, but it is not overloaded with texts.

Example 2 (bet on video)

Promotion of legal services on social networks

Arthur Blaer, lawyer in Israel. Please note that every second post is a Reels video.

Target target portrait for a legal blog

Creating a detailed portrait of the target audience (TA) is a key point in the strategy for promoting a legal blog on social networks. Understanding who your potential readers and customers are will help you create effective and relevant content.

  1. Demographic characteristics: The target audience can include both men and women, in the age category from 25 to 50 years. These are entrepreneurs, middle and senior managers, legal experts, as well as ordinary citizens interested in legal issues.
  2. Interests and needs: the main interests of the target audience are related to obtaining up-to-date, reliable information about legislation, advice on doing business, legal assistance in various fields (real estate, taxation, corporate law, etc.). They also seek practical advice and clarification on complex legal issues.
  3. Behavioral factors: The target audience values high-quality, verified information. They tend to study materials for a long time and actively participate in discussions. An important factor is ease of access to information and the ability to quickly get answers to your questions.

Drafting an accurate portrait of the target audience will allow a legal blog on Instagram to target content to the right audience, increase their engagement and effectiveness of interaction, and also attract potential clients for legal services.

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How to promote your account

Promoting a law firm’s account on social networks requires a special approach, since the content must be at the same time professional, informative and attractive to the audience.

Target for legal services

Targeted advertising is a powerful tool for promoting legal services on Instagram. Effective advertising requires careful planning and understanding of your target audience.

  1. Defining your target audience: you need to accurately determine who your target audience is – it could be entrepreneurs, individuals in need of legal assistance, or specialists in a certain area of law.
  2. Audience Segmentation: Consider segmenting your audience based on criteria such as age, gender, interests, geographic location, social media behavior, etc.
  3. Selecting content for advertising: advertising materials should be attractive and informative. Use high-quality images and short, clear text that highlight your expertise and services offered.
  4. Budget optimization and testing: start with a small budget and gradually increase it, analyzing the effectiveness of advertising. Testing different versions of your ads will help you determine which approaches are most effective.
  5. Result analysis: regularly analyze the results of your advertising campaign to understand which messages and strategies are most effective for your target audience.

By the way, we have already discussed the topic of competitor analysis in the article contextual advertising of legal services, and in Target it is advisable to analyze the advertising of your competitors before launching, for this use the free tool from Meta – 

Promotion of legal services on social networks

Examples of targeted advertising for the request “lawyer”

Advertising a lawyer on Instagram

In addition to targeted advertising, there are other methods of promoting lawyers on Instagram that can be effective.

  1. Collaboration with bloggers, influencers and opinion leaders: Collaborating with legal influencers can help increase your brand’s credibility and reach.
  2. Collaborations and Partnerships: Participating in collaborations with other professionals or companies can lead to audience sharing and increase your brand visibility.

Example of collaboration with IAVR:

  1. Quality content: regularly creating and publishing useful and interesting content helps to retain the attention of existing subscribers and attract new ones.
  2. Interactivity: conducting online streams, Q&A sessions, competitions and surveys promotes audience engagement and strengthens relationships with potential clients.
  3. Use of Stories and Reels: Active use of Stories and Reels to demonstrate behind-the-scenes, educational content or quick legal tips helps maintain interest and engagement with the audience.

Cases for promoting a lawyer on Instagram

Promoting lawyers on Instagram can include various strategies and approaches, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by real examples.

One of the successful cases involves the regular publication of short video consultations on current legal issues. This not only helps demonstrate the lawyer’s professionalism, but also creates a feeling of accessibility and openness to clients. This approach attracts the attention of subscribers and increases their engagement, since people receive valuable and understandable information in a convenient form.

Another example is using the Stories tool to create a series of educational materials. This could be short advice, answers to frequently asked questions, or explanations of legal nuances in a relaxed atmosphere. This format allows you not only to inform the audience, but also to maintain a constant dialogue with it, strengthening trust and loyalty.

Another effective strategy is to conduct online seminars with the opportunity to communicate directly with the audience. This helps not only to disseminate useful information, but also to establish closer contacts with potential clients. Lawyers can use these seminars to discuss current changes in legislation, share their experiences and answer questions from subscribers.

Read also “YouTube in jurisprudence: transformation of Arthur Blaer’s YouTube channel.”

All of these examples demonstrate that promoting a lawyer on Instagram requires a creative approach and a willingness to adapt strategies to changing trends and audience needs. It is a combination of professional content, interactivity and personal communication that creates a trusting relationship between a lawyer and his potential clients.

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