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  • 18.6.2021
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Promoting an Instagram business account is impossible without full feedback and a sufficient number of communication channels. In the Instagram profile header, you can specify only one active link, for example, to a personal website or an online store. But this is not enough to run a business. Multilink allows you to combine contacts, links to social networks, that is, it performs several functions at once. Also, a multilink replaces a portfolio, business card or mini-landing.

Multilink: who needs it and why

If a large business has more opportunities for promotion and positioning, then freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses have a harder time. The lack of large budgets for promotion is not a reason to lose potential customers. Multilink allows you to keep in touch with customers and attract new customers. You can create your own mini-site with contacts, examples of work, terms of service for free using the Aqulas service.

Who needs a multilink:

  • Representatives of creative professions: freelance artists, photographers, illustrators, musicians, designers, showmen, etc.
  • Cooks, confectioners, food bloggers.
  • Handmade masters: embroiderers, knitters, seamstresses, etc.
  • Beauty industry workers: nail service masters, lash makers, hairdressers, eyebrow artists, etc.
  • Content creators, SMM specialists, IT specialists, copywriters.

Below are examples of such sites created on the Akulas service.

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

For the site, you can choose any background image and avatar, choose a picture from the free gallery and set the font according to the style of the page.

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

You can set any number of blocks: add reviews, “Questions and Answers”, an application for the provision of a service, a price list with the cost of goods, additional information (life hacks, tips, reviews, recommendations). On a long landing page with several types of services, it is advisable to place buttons with contacts several times – after each block, respectively.

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

There is another trick to remind the visitor about the method of communication – to fix the call button on the sidebar. Scrolling the page, the potential client will not lose the button, while it does not interfere in any way, it looks unobtrusive, unlike pop-up windows.

Page design largely depends on the type of activity. If you work in the entertainment industry, it is advisable to post a lot of videos and photos from events that will tell about you more eloquently than text.


примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

In the Akulas service, you can create up to five free pages and make active links to them on the main business card. On additional pages, you can place a product landing page, portfolio, blog, reviews, photo gallery, etc.

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас

If there are not enough photos, you can add a detailed description of the service provided. The text will be especially useful if the service is new and unfamiliar to the potential target audience. To make it easier for the visitor to browse through the image carousel, add an auto-scroll feature.

примеры сайтов, созданных на сервисе Акулас service: free features

To start working in Akulas, it is enough to register through a Google / Facebook account or e-mail. You don’t need to enter your Instagram password. The service has both free features and a paid plan, available for 396 rubles a year. In the future, the price of a PRO account will be 1080 rubles.

On the free plan, you can add:

  • Buttons of the most popular messengers, and in any quantity.
  • Block F.A.Q.
  • Price lists.
  • Your background images.
  • QR codes.
  • One button animation.
  • Videos and images.

In addition, you can choose a picture from a million free database. It is possible to view internal statistics. You cannot add HTML blocks and choose a domain name without *, but this functionality is available on the PRO plan.

Advantages of the PRO tariff:

  • A total of 100 video and photo themes.
  • Ability to create your own photo theme.
  • 10 animations for active buttons.
  • External analytics.
  • Adding HTML blocks.
  • Any free domain name.
  • Ability to remove the signature “Created by Aqulas”.
  • Creation of 25 additional pages.
  • Collection of applications.
  • SEO settings.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it will take no more than 20-30 minutes to create a simple website. You can edit the page at any convenient time. After choosing a domain name and saving the changes, the multilink can be immediately placed in the header of your Instagram account.

Using the form to collect leads on a paid plan

The lead form is an important marketing tool for those who are going to continue to actively promote their business. On the paid Akulas tariff, users have the opportunity to generate their own form. Why it is more useful than pop-up forms within a social network:

  • Lead quality is higher. With traffic to the mini-landing, the duration of user interaction with the site increases. Leads in this case are warmer, easier to transform into a buyer.
  • It is easier to convey your trade offer to the user. On the landing page, you can profitably show all the advantages of the product. With the help of a post on Instagram, this is more difficult to do, and besides, it is impossible to work out objections when a potential buyer is in doubt.
  • When generating through the service, the speed of processing the application increases.

Forms can also be generated through a social network, but in this case it is more difficult to warm up the audience and force them to take a targeted action. The manager’s reaction to the application slows down, and if the buyer is contacted after 30-60 minutes, he may already cool down and lose the desire to take action.

Pros and cons of the service

One of the main advantages of the service: several important features that remain free forever. You can make a business card website, micro-landing, portfolio in a few minutes even from your phone. You can create a unique design for your multilink even without the basics of HTML, thanks to the ability to add your own photo images, change fonts and themes.

отзыв об Акулас

Negative reviews about Aqulas are also found. True, commenters have surprisingly similar comment texts, which is why many review sites mark reviews as suspicious and do not take into account the rating.

отзыв об Акулас

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