Business promotion in WhatsApp: who will suit, promotion methods

  • 14.3.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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WhatsApp has over one billion users worldwide. Thanks to this popularity, entrepreneurs have great opportunities to promote their business. However, many users believe that WhatsApp is not intended for online marketing due to existing restrictions.

For example, each account is attached to one phone number, from which the user can create a chat with a maximum number of participants – 256 people. This limitation creates difficulties for brands. In any business promotion using WhatsApp, it is necessary to follow the rules of etiquette and be unobtrusive, since the phone number is the user’s personal information, and by doing so, you can show respect for the privacy of the person. Nevertheless, it is possible to establish strong business relationships with customers through a neat and native promotion method.

Therefore, WhatsApp advertising should not look like a direct offer to buy something, but as a provision of benefits that a client can receive by cooperating with you. For example, you can share tips with your customers on how to use your product, as well as provide customized services that will be tailored to the needs of the user.

Whatsapp Promotion Methods

  1. Sending messages. This method of promotion can only be carried out by those users who are in your contacts. To do this, you can collect a customer base both online and offline.
  2. Another method is to create a group chat, where you can invite people via a link. Such a communication channel is used to notify customers about promotions, new arrivals, special offers, as well as increase their loyalty through the publication of useful information. Offline, your contact can be promoted using business cards, as well as other printed publications;
  3. To collect a subscriber base, a promotion method is available – targeted advertising. It is configured through the Facebook advertising account. This ad will be visible on social media. When the user clicks on it, he will immediately go to the WhatsApp chat, where he can be met by your manager or chatbot. Advertisers have access to detailed targeting, where they can choose not only demographic data, but also the interests of users.
  4. Another way to build a WhatsApp subscriber base is to install the widget on your website or social media.
  5. WhatsApp has a messaging service. This application is called WhatsApp Business API. Such mailing is carried out differently than in other messengers, where users have the opportunity to send outright advertising. In WhatsApp, this function is provided more for interaction with customers, for example, to remind you of some important events. Unlike sending by email, here you will be able to track message statistics, such as link clicks.
  6. The chatbot function replaces not only the work of managers, which significantly saves the company’s money, but also allows you to serve customers around the clock, even after hours.

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  1. When your company has formed a customer base, you can provide marketing offers not only with the help of mailing lists, but also in statuses. Over 450 million users worldwide view statuses. According to this indicator, this site ranks 1st. Statuses in WhatsApp are a kind of stories that are published for 24 hours, after which they are deleted. They have the ability to add images and even videos. This promotion method is great for temporary content, such as new product launches, current commercial offers, and temporary promotions.

It is important to know that mass sending messages with promotional materials is prohibited on WhatsApp, and those who disregard these rules may lose their account. Sending information or service messages is possible only through special services.

So, WhatsApp is an additional tool for connecting with customers, as well as a method for promoting your business. Although the group chats of this messenger are limited, for some areas of small and medium-sized businesses, such opportunities may be enough. This platform is more suitable for those who sell by creating an individual approach to each client, focusing more on quality rather than quantity.

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