Connecting an Apple iPad to a TV for a Presentation

  • 18.4.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Apple tablets are the ideal tool for an active business person. Lawyers, sales agents or merchandisers use the iPad to store and process huge amounts of information. And thanks to the powerful processors of the Apple Silicon family, buying an iPad also makes sense for specialists who work with graphics, programming, landscape or interior design.

способы подключить Айпад к телевизору Смарт ТВ

Easy ways to connect your iPad to your Smart TV

The iPad has a large screen size from ten to 12.9 inches. But this is not enough if you need to give a presentation to a large audience. Connecting an iPad to a smart TV is also in demand in other situations:

  • for games on the big screen;
  • when conducting English or mathematics classes online in front of a group of students;
  • to view photos and videos, etc.

Let’s look at the most common ways to connect an iPad to a TV.

Apple TV or AirPlay

Apple technology is exclusive in the sense that it does not integrate easily with other operating systems. Fortunately, solutions to this problem have long been found. Apple itself has long been producing the Apple TV set-top box, which connects to the TV via HDMI. And since 2018, TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and other brands support AirPlay technology of the first or second generations, which, in fact, is an analogue of Wi-Fi Direct, only tailored for iOS.

To connect your iPad to your TV wirelessly you need:

  • activate both devices on the same Wi-Fi network;
  • search for devices for screen mirroring;
  • launch AirPlay on the TV and select iPad as the signal source;
  • on iPad, confirm integration.

Now the screen of your tablet will be duplicated on the TV, which will help you make presentations and demonstrate visual materials. Connecting an iPad to TV via the Apple TV set-top box follows the same algorithm, only all settings are made through the set-top box.

Via Chromecast

The iPad supports connection to Smart TVs and via the Chromecast set-top box. In order for the content to be broadcast without failures or interruptions, you need to download the proprietary Google application onto the tablet, through which basic settings are made. The TV “sees” the tablet on the network, like a regular computer device for transmitting data.

Wired methods iPad broadcast to TV screen

Wired ways to cast an iPad to a TV screen

If the Internet speed on the Wi-Fi network is not the highest, wired connections can provide a stable connection:

  1. HDMI is the most popular standard today, which provides incredible data transfer speeds. It is often used by gamers to connect PS5 or Xbox consoles to Smart TV;
  2. VGA adapter – if the TV model is outdated, it may not have HDMI connectors. VGA is an analog standard, but to connect it you will need a special adapter for your iPad and a Lightning port;
  3. USB Type-C – with this connection method, the iPad is treated by the TV as a third-party storage device. Using the TV remote control, you can go to the file manager and play the desired media content. However, there is a risk that not all formats will open on your TV.

As you can see, there are many ways to connect an Apple iPad to a TV for presentations and duplicating the display.

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