How to become an SEO specialist?

  • 13.11.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Any profession can be mastered from scratch with only a great desire and a good Internet connection. However, training for each specialty begins with theory. The profession of an SEO specialist refers to work that can be done both at the workplace in the office and sitting at home at the computer with a mug of coffee. It was on the possibility of remote earnings that this specialty became massively interested in the Internet.


What does an SEO specialist do?

A representative of this profession can be called an expert in website promotion in search engines. The SEO specialist optimizes the site so that when the search results for the desired query, the domain should be one of the first in the list, because this guarantees an influx of company customers. Basically, the SEO master works in a team with specialists such as copywriters, webmasters, content managers, SMMs.

Who is the SEO job for?

Many people are deeply mistaken that only a person with an IT education can become a website optimizer. This specialty really belongs to the IT category, but you can become an SEO specialist just by being a competent PC user.

The profession is suitable for people with the following qualities:

  • Analytical mind;
  • the ability to compare;
  • the ability to quickly find solutions;
  • perseverance;
  • desire to constantly develop.

It does not matter at all what a person worked before, whether he is a civil engineer, a salesman, a housewife, a teacher, the main thing is to start mastering a new specialty from the basics.

Where to start learning?

Theoretical knowledge is the understanding of the essence of the profession. The stage at which a person finds out what he will do, what experience he needs to gain, analyzes possible problems. And he can figure out if he has enough strength for this.

You can learn on your own, starting with watching videos on YouTube, smoothly moving on to more specific guides for webmasters from search engines.

For the first practical skills, you need to master the following skills:

  • site layout basics (HTML and CSS);
  • the concept of the semantic core and methods of its collection;
  • use of automated domain scanning programs to obtain information in reports;
  • how CMS (website content management) works.

Are paid courses required?

There are many lectures of various schools, experienced specialists on the training sites, lessons are updated every year, but is it worth choosing paid education? The choice is obvious – definitely yes, here are a few reasons:

  1. Information quickly becomes outdated. When studying independently, the material may not be relevant. For example, Lemon School’s online SEO courses always provide new information that can be used in your work at the moment.
  2. Having a mentor. A teacher who will answer questions, check completed assignments will facilitate the learning process, and course students help each other.
  3. Flexible schedule. The schedule of training is free and can be combined with work, study, household chores.
  4. Full practice. For independent practice, you need to create a project yourself and try to promote it, and in the course of this work it is not always easy for a beginner to cope with all the tasks at once. At school, the material is provided, and the practice takes place with a project ready for promotion.
  5. Job search. To get a first job, you often need to prove your knowledge, a diploma of completion of the course at this stage is very useful. And there are also schools that provide graduates of the course with a part-time job, it is possible to find a colleague among students.

Experience as an SEO specialist comes with a series of successful and unsuccessful methods of working on a project. For a deeper understanding of the specialty, it is recommended to read thematic blogs, get acquainted with the cases of top SEOs, develop your own methods of website promotion, and find yourself a team. The study of relevant material, the desire to constantly develop is half the way to mastering a new profession.

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