Promotion of legal websites

  • 27.1.2024
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Promoting legal services through SEO presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Legal terms are often highly competitive keywords in search engines, and the specific nature of the law requires that the information provided be accurate and up-to-date. In this article, we will discuss key aspects such as choosing the right keywords, optimizing site content, the importance of mobile responsiveness and local SEO, and using analytics to track the effectiveness of your strategy.

Promotion of legal websites

Stages of website promotion for a law firm

Promotion of a law firm website is a multi-stage process that requires an integrated approach and attention to detail. At the first stage, the key is a deep analysis of the market and identification of the target audience, which allows you to accurately understand which legal services are most in demand and what keywords potential clients use when searching for them. This is followed by the stage of technical optimization of the site, which includes improving loading speed, adaptation for mobile devices and correcting errors that interfere with indexing by search engines. Once technically set up, it is important to focus on creating high-quality, relevant and unique content that not only answers the needs of your target audience, but also highlights the professionalism and expertise of your law firm. External optimization also plays an important role, including working with links and increasing the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines.

Technical audit of the site

A technical audit of a website is a comprehensive check of its technical condition, aimed at identifying and eliminating problems that may negatively affect its promotion and operation. First of all, the page loading speed is analyzed, since long loading times repulse visitors and reduce the site’s position in search engines. The website’s adaptability is also important: it must display correctly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the audit includes checking for technical errors, such as broken links, 404 errors, incorrect redirects, which may interfere with the indexing of the site by search engines. Particular attention is paid to site security, including the presence of an SSL certificate and protection against malware and hacker attacks. The quality of HTML and CSS code, optimization of images and video materials are also checked. Conducting a technical audit allows you to identify and eliminate the main technical shortcomings of the site, which is a key step towards its successful promotion.

Promotion of legal websites

An example of a summary of data on a technical audit of a website

Collecting the semantic core (keywords)

Collecting a semantic core for a law firm’s website is the process of selecting and analyzing keywords that most accurately and effectively describe the services offered and answer the requests of potential clients. This stage includes in-depth market research and understanding of the specifics of legal services.

  1. The first step is to identify the main subject categories: for example, family law, corporate law, criminal law, etc.
  2. The following is an analysis of specific queries in these categories. It is important to consider not only high-frequency requests, but also low-frequency ones, which are often more targeted and can lead to higher-quality requests.
  3. Keywords are also analyzed for competition: you need to understand how difficult it will be to promote the site for certain queries.
  4. Collecting a semantic core also includes studying competitors’ keywords, which helps identify unique niches and opportunities for promoting a law firm.
  5. After the formation of the semantic core, it is followed by systematization and optimization of the site’s content, taking into account the selected keywords, which helps improve the site’s visibility in search engines and attract the target audience.

NB: Please note that it is very important to understand the geography of promotion before collecting the semantic core. For example, for Ukraine it is important to collect semantics in both Russian and Ukrainian; according to statistics, only 30% of the total number of users use Google search in Ukrainian, and the trend is to increase this number.

Also, pay attention to the services, for example, our Client, Arthur Blaer, offers services both for the geo Israel (family law) and for the geo CIS countries (Ministry of Internal Affairs and citizenship), so it is important to look at the frequency and competitiveness of requests specifically in the context of a specific country.

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Internal website optimization

Internal optimization of a law firm’s website is a set of measures aimed at improving its structure, content and interaction with search engines to increase promotion efficiency. The main task is to create a convenient and functional resource that will meet both the needs of users and the requirements of search engines.

The first step of internal optimization is structuring the site: creating logical and understandable navigation, dividing content into appropriate categories and subcategories. This helps users quickly find the information they need and improves site indexing by search engines.

Next comes content optimization. This includes working with text content, introducing keywords from the semantic core, improving the readability and information content of texts. It is important to ensure that the content is unique and relevant, and that it meets the needs of the target audience.

We also optimize meta tags, including title tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), meta descriptions and alt attributes for images. These elements play a key role in search engines understanding the subject matter of the pages and affect the site’s ranking in search results.

It is also necessary to pay attention to improving internal linking, which helps distribute the weight of pages within the site and improves indexing. In addition, it is important to monitor the technical health of the site: fixing broken links, eliminating duplicate pages, optimizing loading speed.

Link promotion of legal services on the Internet

Link building is the process of getting backlinks to your site from other sites, which not only increases your visibility in search engines, but also helps increase the authority and trust of your resource.

The main goal of link promotion is to obtain high-quality and relevant links. Ideally, these links should come from reputable and topic-related resources, such as legal portals, blogs, information sites, and legal-related publications. It is important to avoid low-quality and spam links, as this can negatively affect the reputation and position of the site.

One of the effective ways of link promotion is to create valuable and unique content that will naturally attract backlinks. These can be articles on current legal topics, analytical reviews, professional recommendations and advice. Such content not only helps generate backlinks, but also strengthens the site’s position as an expert information resource in the legal field.

It is also important to constantly analyze and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the backlinks received, tracking their impact on the site’s position in search results and traffic. Overall, link promotion requires a strategic and thoughtful approach, combining quality and relevance to achieve the best results in promoting legal services online.

Examples of such links (collaboration was used to minimize costs):

Local SEO for law firms

Local SEO for law firms is key to attracting clients in a specific geographic region. This strategy focuses on increasing the firm’s visibility in local searches, which is especially important for legal services, which often target clients in a specific city or area.

The basis of local SEO is optimizing for Google My Business (GMB) or the new name Google Business Profile. This includes creating and maintaining an up-to-date profile of your company, which includes basic information: name, address, phone number, opening hours, as well as services provided and customer reviews. A properly configured GMB profile significantly increases a company’s chances of being included in the “Local Pack” block on the Google results page, which ensures high visibility and attracts the target audience.

Another important element of local SEO is optimizing your site’s content for local keywords. This means including the names of cities, areas and local features in the text on the site, which helps search engines understand that your company is focused on providing services in a specific region.

In addition, registering your site in local directories and business listings also contributes to improving local SEO. This helps to create a consistent and uniform company profile on the Internet, which has a positive effect on search engine rankings.

Promotion of legal websites

Where to order promotion of a legal services website in Ukraine

If you are looking for a reliable partner for promoting a legal services website in Ukraine, one of the options may be MAVR, which specializes in comprehensive solutions in the field of Internet marketing. We offer a wide range of services in legal marketing, ranging from SEO optimization to content marketing and contextual advertising .

Working with MAVR includes a detailed analysis and development of a promotion strategy, which is especially important for legal websites, where it is important to take into account the specifics of the market and features of advertising lawyer services.

Choosing a reliable company to promote a legal services website in Ukraine will provide you with access to experienced specialists who can offer an individual approach and effective solutions to achieve your business goals in the field of legal services.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of promoting a legal website?

The price of promoting a legal website varies depending on the complexity of the project, competition in the niche and selected promotion strategies. It can start from several thousand hryvnia per month and increase depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

What keywords are most effective for promoting a legal website?

Effective keywords for a legal website often include queries related to specific legal services, such as “divorce legal assistance,” “criminal lawyer advice,” or “business registration.” It is also important to consider local queries and low competition keywords.

How to measure the effectiveness of law firm website promotion?

The effectiveness of website promotion can be measured by a number of indicators: an increase in traffic to the site, an increase in the site’s position in search results, an increase in the number of hits and conversions, as well as an improvement in the site’s visibility in local search queries.

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