10 ways to promote your website for free

  • 1.7.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: SEO

The main purpose of creating a website is to make a profit. Someone earns by placing ads, others create a website to attract customers and spread information about their activities. One way or another, the task is to increase site traffic.

Those who have a budget for website promotion can use the services of a marketing agency. Owners of web pages with a limited budget can use free promotion tools:

  • SEO promotion. It involves setting up the site pages according to the requirements of the search engines Yandex, Google. Users, making a request in a search engine, should see the site being promoted in the organic results. SEO focuses on different forms of search: images, news, videos, and others. Minus: in order to do this on your own, you must at least take SEO courses.
  • Social networks today are an effective way of promotion. In addition to increasing traffic to the site from social networks, brand awareness appears, sales and upsells are possible. Such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, LinkedIn are popular, it is enough to create a group or a page in each of them and disseminate information about it at least on your personal pages.
  • Geolocation systems are in demand along with search engines. It is very convenient to use 2GIS, Yandex.Spravochnik, Google My Business in order to find the nearest store, restaurant, beauty salon. The advantage of these systems is the possibility of free placement, instant transition to the site, feedback from customers.
  • Placement of information in popular, free directories. Experienced webmasters start distributing information about their business from directories. Advertisements offering placement in 100 or more directories are recommended to be avoided. Since, most likely, this will lead to blocking the site.
  • Create your own YouTube channel. Video clips of this network are gaining a large number of views. It is not necessary to create a channel in order to become a video blogger, in this way you can simply attract an audience interested in the product, potential customers. You can shoot videos with instructions, product descriptions, useful information.
  • Experienced buyers, before buying a product, study the information on the review services. There are many such sites, the most famous are: AllReviews, Otzovik, Flump, etc. You can register on the site as a representative, convince your customers to leave feedback, study the shortcomings of work, monitor competitors’ customers and offer them your services.
  • Become an expert user on a thematic forum. It is enough to get ahead of popular forums with a target audience that is potential customers. Register on the forum as a user, leaving a link to the site in your profile, answer questions, advise, help make a choice. Open advertising on the forums is not welcome, but if you communicate convincingly enough with people, they themselves will be drawn to the product of your site.
  • Registration and answers on the Yandex.Q service. Look for questions related to the topic of the site, answer them, appropriately and unobtrusively inserting links to individual sections, articles of your site.
  • Ad sites Avito, OLX and the like provide an opportunity to post information about a product, service, site in order to find customers.
  • Interesting content. It is worth considering to dilute the site with useful information, news, instructions, which will help increase views and help attract new customers.

To achieve the maximum result, it is recommended to use all methods.

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