Crowdlinks are an effective tool for attracting audiences

  • 25.9.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: SEO

Crowdlinks are a great way to drive additional traffic to a site by increasing its visibility through discussions and comments on forums and other platforms. The presence of active links on such platforms encourages users to click on them in search of additional information, thereby increasing the flow of visitors to the promoted site. Thanks to correct positioning and appropriate context, crowd marketing significantly increases the interest and trust of the target audience in the promoted product or service. And the variety of sources of incoming links allows you to increase the site’s link mass and strengthen its authority in search engines. Therefore, placing crowd links helps not only increase traffic, but also build brand awareness.


In what areas does crowd marketing work as a tool for gathering target audiences?

Crowd marketing services are an effective tool for attracting target audiences, especially in certain areas where direct communication with the consumer can have the maximum effect. For additional understanding of the specifics, we recommend that you follow the link and familiarize yourself with this method in detail. This method of external optimization is especially effective in the following areas:

  • The presence of a complex product – when interaction with the target audience requires more information to understand the product being promoted and its benefits.
  • Promotion of an unknown product – in cases where the market is not yet familiar with the offer, and creating reputation and awareness is critically important.
  • The frequent appearance of the phrases “reviews”, “forums”, “what is better” and others in queries is a way to emphasize active monitoring and respond to consumer feedback from thematic platforms.
  • The need to reach the TOP with a non-branded product is when you need to compete with well-known brands and highlight your unique advantages. As a rule, this is an affordable price with the same properties, which greatly attracts new buyers.


Applying different types of crowd marketing in these areas not only increases awareness and trust in the product, but also creates a stable community of loyal customers who are ready to recommend your product or service to others of their own accord.

Which sites see the most organic traffic?

In today’s world, there are many platforms to discuss topics ranging from cooking to scientific research. However, the key is to find a live, active platform with a topical or off-topic discussion thread where real people participate, not just marketers and fake accounts. On such platforms, discussions will be meaningful. In this context, the well-known principle is relevant: for a speaker to be heard, a truly interested audience is necessary. The following types of platforms are used today:

  • thematic forums;
  • reviews and recommendation sites;
  • social network;
  • platforms with questions and answers;
  • reference books;
  • blogs;
  • marketplaces that offer discussion of a specific product.


It is important to understand that crowd marketing is a long-term tool that does not bring immediate results. It cannot be considered as the main and only way to increase your link profile and potential traffic. This is just one component of an integrated approach to website promotion, as well as one of the link building methods. Given the complexity and versatility of such a process, to achieve optimal results, it is recommended to order crowd marketing for a website from experts in the field of search engine marketing.

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