Zengram Instashpion Review – See Who Likes Whom on Instagram

  • 21.5.2021
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: SMM

An Instagram profile says a lot about a person. Thanks to him, you can find out his interests and preferences, relationships with other people and much more. But not so long ago, Instagram removed the ability to watch other people’s likes. Fortunately, such an opportunity has been preserved on the Instaspyion service.

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What does Instaspy do?

The service receives only the data that is publicly available. Thanks to him, you can track someone’s subscriptions and subscribers, comments under posts and, in fact, likes under posts. And you can do this completely anonymously, without worrying that someone will know your intentions.

However, this is not a page hack. It does not provide access to correspondence and confidential data.

In order for the service to start working, you need to add the account of the person you need to track. The maximum possible accounts depends on the tariff – from three to six people are available.

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Once the account has been added, click “start verification” to start the process. In some cases, you will need to log into your Instagram account to get more information about the user.

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In total, the service has two sections – scheduled analysis and activity feed.

The activity feed is updated regularly, showing you real-time user activity.

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Scheduled analysis is a summary of news for a certain period of time. It is intended for those who want to see all activity without event monitoring.

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You can also turn on notifications to always be aware of who likes the desired account! You can receive them by mail or through a telegram bot. Activation occurs by a unique code indicated at the bottom of the window.

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There are two tariff plans – for three and for six accounts. The functionality remains unchanged. Accounts are added without the ability to replace them before the subscription expires.

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