Effective business messaging on Viber: improve your communication

  • 10.12.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: SMM

In our era of digital technology, messengers are becoming a key tool in business communications. Viber, which occupies one of the leading positions in the market, provides businesses with unique opportunities for sending messages. This article is intended for those who want to effectively use mailings in Viber, for example, using https:/ /turbosms.ua/viber.html in their business strategies.

Business messaging in Viber

Why Viber? Business benefits

Wide audience

Viber is not just a messenger, it is a platform with millions of active users around the world. For businesses, this means access to a huge audience of potential customers. The diversity of Viber’s user base allows companies of all sizes and specializations to find their target audience.

Low cost of engagement

Compared to other marketing channels, mailing via Viber is relatively cheap. This makes it accessible even to small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, the high return on communication in Viber ensures that the investment pays off.

Convenience and versatility

Viber provides extensive options for creating interactive and multimedia messages, which can include text, images, videos, gifs, as well as various interaction buttons, such as links to a site or a call to action. This versatility allows you to create engaging and memorable content.

Safety and reliability

Viber is constantly working to improve the security of its services, which is especially important for business. Data transfer is carried out via secure channels, which guarantees the confidentiality of information and the protection of personal data of clients.

Interaction with clients in real time

Viber allows businesses to communicate with customers in real time, providing the ability to quickly answer questions and resolve problems. This improves the quality of service and increases customer satisfaction.

Analytics and reporting

Viber offers various analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track the effectiveness of their email campaigns. Data collection and analysis helps optimize communication strategy and improve customer interactions.

These advantages make Viber one of the key tools for business communications in today’s digital world.

Mass sending of messages to Viber using TurboSMS

TurboSMS is an effective mass messaging tool that allows businesses to leverage the power of Viber to connect with a wide audience. This service provides convenient and efficient sending of messages, making the communication process simpler and more effective.

How mass mailing via TurboSMS works

TurboSMS provides a user interface that makes it easy to create and manage mailings. After setting up the mailing, messages are automatically sent to Viber users who meet the selected target audience criteria. This may include demographics, interests, behavior and other parameters.

Advantages of using TurboSMS for mailings in Viber

  • Process automation. TurboSMS automates the mailing process, reducing the time and effort required to manage campaigns.
  • Integration with existing systems. TurboSMS easily integrates with various CRM systems, which increases the efficiency of interaction with customers.
  • Reports and analytics. The platform provides detailed reports on the effectiveness of each mailing, allowing you to optimize future campaigns.
  • Saving resources. Using TurboSMS for Viber mailings can be more cost-effective compared to other advertising methods.

Steps to set up mailing in TurboSMS

  1. Registration and account setup. The first step is to create an account in TurboSMS and configure mailing parameters.
  2. Identification of the target audience. It is important to determine exactly who the messages will be sent to.
  3. Creating a message. The next step is to create attractive and informative message text.
  4. Launch and monitoring of mailings. After launching the newsletter, it is important to monitor its effectiveness and make adjustments if necessary.


Using TurboSMS for mass mailings in Viber is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a modern marketer. It allows you to effectively convey information to your target audience, increasing brand awareness and increasing sales.

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