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  • 17.4.2024
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How to attract followers on Instagram? There are two ways: develop social networks for a long time and painfully, or use the services of services to attract an audience. With their help, you can quickly gain the required number of followers, which will be faster and cheaper than traditional promotion methods. On the Internet you will find more than one site offering bot promotion, but it is better not to use them. Bots do not provide any benefit, and they increase the likelihood of account blocking. What to do then and is there an alternative?

Of course, yes! Seek help from services that promote on Instagram and do not sell fake pages. Before starting work, they analyze the account and bring a live audience that interacts with the content. Thanks to this, statistics improve, engagement increases, and the chances of being included in the recommendations of the social network increase. At the same time, you don’t have to wait months for the results to appear, since attracting followers using this method only takes a few days.

We have selected the best services specializing in promoting Instagram accounts. Let’s look at their features and advantages.


I-Famous is a service of a marketing agency that promotes Instagram accounts. To date, they have organically attracted more than 72 thousand subscribers to their clients, there are reviews on the site, so you don’t have to worry about reliability.

I-Famous takes an innovative approach to its work. Artificial intelligence analyzes the customer’s blog to determine which audience needs to be attracted. After this, mailing and advertising are launched, which brings new people to your profile.

Followers interact with content daily: watch stories, like, comment on posts, which makes the engagement and reach of publications higher. For some, this will provide an opportunity to sell advertising at a higher price, and for others, it will improve performance to the desired values. Regardless of your initial goals, gaining subscribers from I-Famous will definitely help your blog grow.


Should I trust this service? Definitely yes.

  • Firstly, the agency’s specialists do not use gray methods of promotion, such as spam mailings or mass following, so there is no risk of blocking.
  • Secondly, your personal data is completely safe, since the service does not ask for a username and password for your Instagram page. It is enough that it is open.
  • Thirdly, I-Famous advertising campaigns are aimed at living people. That is why the site indicates the estimated number of the attracted audience, since it is impossible to force users to subscribe. But you can be interested in what the agency’s work is aimed at.
  • Fourth, I-Famous has many reviews from satisfied customers that confirm its effectiveness.

how it works

I-Famous offers five different plans. All tariffs include a set of live audiences, comments, likes, and views of the publication. As the cost of services increases, new options are added:

  • Analysis of the scope of activity and growth points, target audience, hashtags, competitors using artificial intelligence and/or top agency marketers.
  • Targeting by hashtags, geotargeting.
  • Interaction with influencers.
  • Extended newsletter.
  • Priority service and personal manager.


In your personal account you can track the task completion schedule, as well as the expected arrival of the audience, a preliminary calculation of likes and comments.


I-Famous uses only white hat promotion methods, so you will get an active target audience, not bots. This will protect the page from a ban, which often overtakes lovers of cheap cheats. Here the payment goes for quality and safety.

You to Subs

You to Subs is rightfully considered the leader in this niche, which is confirmed by hundreds of reviews on the Internet. At the beginning, the customer’s account is analyzed by the program and an individual promotion plan is drawn up for him. Only after this the audience recruitment begins.

The service guarantees the arrival of real users with live pages. The requirements for them are very high:

  • availability of personal photographs;
  • at least 12 posts in your profile;
  • no more than 600 subscriptions and a minimum of 40 subscribers;
  • the account must be registered at least three months ago.

If you order a thousand followers, you will not receive them instantly, as this may result in a ban. People will come to your profile within a few days. They will view posts, like them, and write meaningful comments. Everything happens exactly the same as with traditional promotion methods, but only faster and easier.

You to Subs

The cost of You to Subs services depends on the number of blog posts, as well as the desired activity of subscribers. If you post up to 14 posts a week, then the page receives a low level of complexity, if more than 15 – high.

The service offers two types of follower activity. In the first case, they subscribe, watch stories, posts, Reels and like publications. The Super Active tariff includes comments of 15 characters or more, as well as adding your page to “Close Friends”.

cost of services You to Subs

You to Subs recommends choosing a mix of active and super active subscribers, and not pushing the latter to the maximum. This makes sense, since comments should always be less than likes, even on accounts with millions of people. On the website you can find out how much it will cost to recruit the desired number of followers. Move the slider and the cost will be automatically calculated.

the cost will be automatically calculated

In order to start working with the service, you need to register. But don’t worry: you won’t have to hand over your personal data. This is only necessary to gain access to your personal account. It tracks the number of orders in progress, their status, balance of funds, and the number of contractors under contracts. You can remove a person from an order if you notice that he does not fulfill his obligations. The system will automatically select a new user to replace the old one.

customer account

Thanks to the subscription recruitment service from You to Subs, your account will grow and develop. A live audience always has a positive effect on organic promotion and improves statistics. Posts will be included in recommendations, which will lead to a set of new followers who will be interested in your blog or product.


The Velesty service also attracts quality subscribers. They don’t just subscribe to the page and hang around like dead weight, but also interact with publications. This method allows you to quickly develop an Instagram account, making it lively and interesting to your target audience. The page will look in demand, which will increase your authority and strengthen the trust of potential clients.


Velesty also offers a service for a separate set of likes, comments and subscribers. It is suitable for those who need to improve their statistics in a targeted manner or gain a certain number of followers.

Since the service works with a live audience, subscribers and commentators will also be real people. Don’t worry about your reputation, as no one will suspect you of cheating. The increased activity on posts will be similar to what happens when content is featured in recommendations.

content is included in recommendations

To find out how much it will cost to attract subscribers, use the calculator. Enter the required number of followers, and the system will calculate how many likes, comments and views you will receive. On the right is the cost of the service, which depends on the duration of the warranty on the order.

custom guarantees

In your personal account, you can track the status of your order, the warranty period, and also extend the contract when the time for providing the service expires.

personal account

Velesty guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations and, moreover, is completely safe. There is no need to give your account password, there are no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions. So rest assured, this service is safe and effective.


Zamupa is a marketing agency that offers Instagram promotion services. The service promises a high-quality audience, without spam, fakes and bots.


First, the program analyzes information about the account: audience age, location, interests. Subsequently, you will be able to supplement this data in your personal account by manually specifying your field of activity, competitor accounts and hashtags.

competitor accounts and hashtags

Zamupa can attract 100 to 1000 subscribers at a time. Of course, it is better to choose the maximum number so that the arrival of the audience stretches over time and is smooth. But if you want to test the service, then nothing prevents you from choosing the minimum package and then upgrading it.

On the LITE tariff, all new followers will view publications and stories, as well as like them. PRO tariff also includes:

  • commenting on posts;
  • repost/save publications;
  • profile analysis from a marketer;
  • “smart” targeting (targeting by competitors, hashtags, audience);
  • interaction with influencers;
  • automatic Whitelist (excluding accounts that you have already contacted when selecting subscribers).


Zamupa selects only high-quality audiences. Your future subscribers are the owners of live Instagram accounts, with photos, avatars and an adequate number of subscriptions in their profile. They comply with the requirements of the platform, which makes using the service absolutely safe. When customers visit your page, they will see regular users among your followers, not bots, which will strengthen their loyalty.

Thanks to the work of agency specialists, your account will develop gradually and efficiently. A gradual increase in likes and comments will show Instagram that people are interested in the content, and the system will bring it to the top. Getting featured is an opportunity for organic growth, so by ordering a set of subscribers from Zamupa, you will pave the way for further development.


As we can see, it is quite possible to get a live and high-quality audience without huge investments. To do this, you need to use proven services that do not deceive people and attract real subscribers, not bots. We’ve discussed four great options – start using one today and see how effective this method is.

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