How much RAM is needed in 2023 for comfortable use of a smartphone

  • 13.2.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Each buyer, when choosing a new mobile phone, is guided by his own evaluation criteria. For some, the quality or number of cameras is important, someone pays attention to the size and resolution of the display. But when it comes to performance, first of all, you should pay attention to the amount of RAM.

The amount of RAM affects the smoothness of the interface, the speed of loading programs, the number of simultaneously loaded tabs in the browser, the ability to run complex mobile games.

Какой объем оперативной памяти нужен для смартфона

Choosing a phone by the amount of RAM

In electronics stores and on sites on the Internet, you can buy a smartphone with RAM from 1 GB. But such models can only perform the most basic tasks. Even the display of the OS interface will be quite slow. Despite the very low price, it is recommended to pay attention to more equipped options.

The minimum amount of RAM depends on the purpose for which the user wants to purchase the phone:

  • 2 GB RAM. The device is suitable for making calls, using a browser, launching music applications. Messengers will work slowly on it and games will practically not start. The comfort of interacting with the OS depends on its optimization by the gadget manufacturer.
  • 4 GB RAM. The best option for comfortable work. Programs can be launched quickly and used without interface freezes. In addition, you can open multiple tabs in the browser and navigate between them without reloading pages. Simple mobile games will also work without problems.
  • 6 GB of RAM or more. The flagships of various companies are equipped with this amount of RAM. It is completely sufficient to run any mobile applications. Most of them will remain in memory, making it easier and faster to switch between tasks.

The amount of RAM of 12 GB or more, taking into account the requirements of modern versions of the OS, is redundant. Most often, this amount of RAM is installed in fashion or “gaming” models to demonstrate the latest technologies in the production of smartphones.

Where to buy

Having decided on the amount of RAM, you need to choose other characteristics of the phone. For comfortable work, the type of processor and the amount of storage space are also important. It is recommended to purchase devices with a drive of 128 GB. This is enough to store programs and content.

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