Internet marketing courses at Onpage School

  • 17.4.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Internet marketing courses at Onpage School

The modern educational platform Onpage School opens an entry for a comprehensive online course on Internet marketing.

Onpage has opened a set of Onpage School – an educational project for businessmen and professionals who want to make a qualitative step in the development of online marketing.

We have gathered on one platform the best internet marketing experts in Ukraine so that they share with the course participants the most effective tools and the brightest tricks that can be immediately applied in their business and very soon get results in online business development.

What is Onpage School?

This is a modern learning format:

  • Training at the most convenient time. You can study anywhere as long as you have internet access. At any time and in any mood.
  • The most practical video tutorials. You don’t need to listen to long lectures to get through one topic and understand the point. We have broken our training into short and practical videos of 8-20 minutes each.
  • Interesting and bright speakers. In our school, only experts in practice teach, with their own experience and examples from life.

Why Internet Marketing?

The profession of an Internet marketer is in great demand in the vast market of Ukraine and the whole world. With the growing popularity of online stores, the demand for specialists who create and maintain sales sites is also growing.

Internet Marketing Course

This course focuses on tools for working with all Internet marketing tools that will increase your professional level as a specialist and allow you to make the most of your own creative resources and opportunities.

As a result of training you:

  • Learn about search engine and social media technologies
  • Learn to create websites and work with them
  • Set up advertising and work with advertising accounts
  • Learn to write quality articles for the media

Students will learn under the guidance of experienced experts – employees of Onpage. During the courses, participants will receive applied skills and will be able to work them out on real cases of Onpage ecosystem projects.

At the end of the course, each graduate will receive a certificate of completion of the course, which will allow them to get a well-paid job and work in various international markets.

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