Pay for MAVR services in parts or in installments

  • 3.7.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: News

We have connected the ability to pay in installments or in installments for our services using the “Payment in installments” and “Instant installment” services from PrivatBank.

How to use?
1️⃣ Become a client of PrivatBank by receiving a “Universal” card for free
2️⃣ Find out the limit on purchases for the Payment in installments service.
3️⃣ Write to us for a calculation of the cost of services. After the final approval of all budgets and the signing of the contract, we will issue an invoice from FOP Group 3 without VAT.
4️⃣ The invoice is sent as a link. You can pay with any card (including the “Account Key” attached to the account of a legal entity) or by reading a QR code.
5️⃣ In case of successful registration of “Payment in installments” or “Instant installment”, your agreement with PrivatBank for connecting the service can be received by e-mail or printed.
Commission when connecting the service “Payment in installments” – 0.01%; “Instant Installment” Promotion – 0.99% per month of the total purchase amount; “Instant Installment” 2.9% per month.

Learn more about the “Payment in installments” and “Instant installment” services from PrivatBank on the official website.

If you have long wanted to use our services, but you were held back by the issue of payment – be sure to contact us in any way convenient for you – we will be happy to help you!

🤝We are getting even closer to each other!

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