Types Of Servers By Purpose

  • 16.1.2024
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A server is a high-tech equipment that provides support for devices located in a single network and is also used to store data. All servers require professional installation, configuration, and timely maintenance.

Kinds and types of servers

Servers differ in size, power, reliability, and scalability. The cost of this high-tech equipment is also different. It is necessary to choose equipment based on the number of users, as well as the desired functions. Next, the main types of this equipment will be considered.

Workgroup server

This is an entry-level technical complex that stores data and delimits access rights to them. Such equipment works quietly and is inexpensive.

Domain controller

It is used to manage enterprise files as well as its resources. Such equipment is used with a staff of 20 people. The domain controller can be scaled according to needs, and it is also highly reliable. The choice of this complex will be influenced by the potential of the company, but in most cases, a node with 1 or 2 processors will suffice.

Proxy Server

It is necessary to ensure the security of using the Internet. Due to the presence of specialized software, the proxy server needs a lot of resources. You need an antivirus, traffic accounting, as well as attack analytics.

Email Server

The scope of its application already becomes clear from the name. Such a server allows you to work with mail applications and is suitable for enterprises with no more than 40 employees. It makes it possible to manage correspondence within the enterprise network.

Web server

This version of the server is in demand in the field of online sales. It provides access to a site characterized by many visitors. At the same time, a reliable web server will protect against attacks and will be fault-tolerant. Most often, marketers, of course, encounter this type of server. It is very important to choose the right server for your corporate website.

Terminal server

It will be required for those who have gone on a business trip and must continue to work remotely for the company. That is, it allows you to set up a remote office. The advantage of such a system is the security of data transmission due to encryption. The terminal server can be used, for example, for remote work in financial accounting programs.

Database server

The best database management tools are MySql and Apache. These tools may be required by a company if it needs a separate computing resource. At the same time, the choice of a system will be directly influenced by the dynamics of requests and the number of its users.

File server

It is used to store and structure data and protect it.

Applications server

It is characterized by broader data processing as well as centralized technical support.

DHCP servers

With their help, computers automatically receive an IP address, while the configuration of the local network can be changed if it is expanded. If necessary, you can add more equipment or remove the excess.

FTP servers

Such servers were used decades ago but in a simpler modification. They allow you to set up file transfer on the Internet. But at the moment more complex systems are used that have more functionality.

Print servers

With their help, several computers are connected to a single network for printing documents on a printer. The advantage of using such a system is that you do not need to buy a printer for each PC, since one can print documents from different computers.

Firewalls, firewalls

They allow you to protect computer equipment from the negative effects of the Internet. Their main task is to analyze the incoming data and establish the presence of malicious elements. That is, in simple words, these systems protect against viruses and even hacker attacks.

In addition to these servers, there are also others, for example, gaming, home, and so on.

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