How to use hashtags, emojis and captions correctly? Improving the performance of your Instagram posts

  • 29.7.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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The popularity of Instagram is at its peak and does not cease to gain momentum. Developers are increasingly pleased with innovations. At the same time, algorithms are constantly changing, so it becomes even more important to keep abreast. In such conditions, statistics on the content format with which users interact most readily will come in handy. This is not about life hacks and recommendations on how to “manufacture” popular content. And how to use hashtags, emojis and signatures in your publications so that the content has a greater reach.

Most liked content on Instagram

What is easier to create, even more. This constant is still valid on Instagram, so all kinds of brands and bloggers post photos more often than videos. Although video content has been more popular for a long time. Below we give statistics with a slight error, since it is impossible to calculate the exact numbers.

распределение постов по формату

As you can see, photo content is more popular. But expanding your reach requires a completely different approach. Publish video content more often to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Because users interact 49% more with video content than images, and 25% more with carousels. It follows that the chances of promotion increase significantly for accounts that publish less popular content than the bulk of users. Take note!

How many hashtags do you need to post?

Giant accounts spend less effort to expand their reach than small profiles. In this regard, small profiles use more hashtags. Below are statistics on the use of hashtags by accounts of different sizes.

Использование хештегов аккаунтами разных размеров

Looking at the following charts, you can see that hashtags are only good for small businesses. And for big brands, interaction is higher when the content is without hashtags.

Взаимодействие с постами и хештеги

How many emojis to use on Instagram?

It is known that in the majority of signatures to publications there are no emojis. And in vain. This is how the statistics on the number of emojis in posts look like.

Распределение постов по числу эмодзи

And if you look at the next graph, it becomes clear that posts with emojis cause a greater response from the audience.

Взаимодействие с постами и использование эмодзи

What post caption length works best?

Most posts have an average signature length of 150 characters. There are publications and more than 300. All data are presented on the graph.

Распределение постов по длине подписей

In large accounts, there is no need for long descriptions of publications. For small ones, the optimal signature length is about 50 characters.

The effectiveness of promotion on Instagram depends on many factors. To find the best ways to promote on Instagram, you need to test different post design options. Try changing the number of hashtags, inserting emoji into your post, or changing the caption length. Evaluate the result and draw conclusions.

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