How is the amount of income determined for citizens applying for preferential receipt of residential real estate?

  • 26.9.2023
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Most citizens can only rely on their own strength and personal financial savings to improve their living conditions. However, there is a very small category of residents of Odessa who can count on receiving free housing from the state or local government represented by the Odessa City Council or on improving existing living conditions. All so-called Beneficiaries must be registered as apartments with the city council, and their registration has its own characteristics. Persons who do not belong to the privileged categories of the population can buy an apartment using advertisements on the website of a specialized information portal.


What income is taken into account when registering an apartment?

One of the conditions for the supply of apartment registration to persons applying for improved housing conditions at the expense of the local government (city council) is that citizens and members and families have income, the amount of which is less than the minimum subsistence level and/or the amount of rent, payable upon rent of the required housing.

When determining the amount of income of citizens, all income received in the form of:

  • official wages of all family members and unemployment benefits received;
  • pension and/or social assistance, income from the use (including rental) of personal transport;
  • income from the sale of surplus agricultural products (vegetables, fruits and berries grown on a personal plot).

The amount of income also necessarily includes the amount of alimony received, royalties for scientific works and/or artistic works, the amount of accrued dividends on bank deposits or for securities. When determining the amount of income, interest accrued on bank deposits, income received from leasing residential and/or commercial real estate, etc. must also be taken into account.

Who can belong to the category of beneficiaries

Registration of preferential categories of citizens for apartments is carried out after a thorough study by a special commission of the City Executive Committee of the financial and material situation of the family. If the family owns land, cars or other vehicles, declared jewelry or antiques, there is no need to count on housing registration.

Any concealment of income or distortion of income in documents confirming the right to receive preferential housing inevitably leads to the exclusion of citizens from the preferential queue.

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