Advertising production and BTL tools: when marketing becomes tangible

  • 20.9.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Even in the era of digital marketing, advertising material production remains important for several reasons:

  1. Multi-channel approach: While digital marketing has a lot of influence, many companies take a multi-channel approach to advertising to achieve maximum reach. This means they combine digital channels with traditional ones such as print advertising, outdoor advertising and radio advertising.
  2. Target audience: not all consumers actively use the Internet or social networks. To reach certain demographic groups, companies need to use traditional advertising materials, the production of which can always help.
  3. Interaction: Physical promotional materials allow consumers to interact with a brand in a more tactile way. For example, brochures, flyers or printed catalogs can remain with consumers and remind them of the product or service.
  4. Long-lasting impact: Unlike fleeting online advertising, print advertising can remain relevant for a long time, creating a lasting impression.
  5. Local Reach: Traditional promotional materials such as banners or flyers are ideal for local marketing, allowing you to attract local residents to a specific business or event.
  6. Trust: In some markets and cultures, traditional advertising channels are perceived as more reliable and trustworthy than online advertising.
  7. Creativity: Some advertising campaigns use unique and innovative printed materials to attract attention, which can be a very effective way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Thus, even in the era of digitalization, promotional materials remain an important tool for creating effective marketing campaigns.

Market dynamics. According to a study by Agency Analytics, the share of advertising production in the total budget of companies has grown by 15% over the past five years.

Case. Apple is implementing global advertising campaigns, including billboards, at the launch of the new iPhone, which confirms the importance of a combined approach.

Рекламное производство и BTL-инструменты

Promotional products and souvenirs: when marketing becomes tangible

In the era of digital technology and online advertising, many people forget about the benefits of classic BTL marketing tools. Promotional and souvenir products are one of them. Let’s figure out why they are so important and how they can enhance your advertising effect.

  • Tangibility: Promotional products transform a brand from an abstract concept into a physical object that can be touched and used in everyday life. A keychain, mug, or pen with the company logo become daily reminders of your brand.
  • Long-term impact: Unlike fleeting advertising banners or commercials, promotional products stay with the consumer for a long time, continuing to do their job.
  • Personal interaction: Handing out promotional items at events or trade shows allows you to establish direct contact with potential customers, creating a positive first impression of the company.
  • Wide range: today the range of promotional products and souvenirs is huge: from classic pens and notepads to modern gadgets and environmentally friendly products. This allows each company to choose the best option for itself, corresponding to the target audience and budget.
  • Increasing loyalty: gifts are always nice. By giving promotional items to your customers, you show that you value them, which in turn increases their loyalty to your brand.
  • Possibility of customization: thanks to modern technologies, souvenirs can be individualized, creating unique and memorable products.

Promotional and souvenir products are a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Despite the development of digital communication channels, physical items with meaning and brand symbolism continue to remain relevant, creating a lasting and positive impression on consumers.

Efficiency. A study by Promotional Products Association International found that 85% of people make purchases after interacting with promotional products.

Example: Red Bull regularly distributes branded merchandise at sporting events, increasing loyalty among its audience.

BTL tools and their contribution to the overall marketing strategy of the company

BTL (Below The Line) marketing, or direct communication channels, has become an indispensable element of modern advertising campaigns. Let’s look at what tools are included in this segment and why their use can be a key success factor in a marketing strategy.

  • Direct communications: organizing events, presentations, workshops, allows you to dialogue directly with the target audience, receive feedback and quickly adjust your strategy.
  • Promotions: special offers, discounts, gifts with purchase – all this motivates consumers to make a purchasing decision here and now.
  • Trade marketing equipment: POS materials, stands, displays, etc., help to attract attention to the product right at the point of sale.
  • Sampling: Providing product samples allows consumers to try a product before purchasing, reducing risk and doubt.
  • Sponsorships and partnerships: Sponsoring events or collaborating with like-minded brands can significantly expand a brand’s reach and awareness.
  • Loyalty: loyalty programs, loyalty cards, bonus systems – all these tools help maintain long-term relationships with customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Statistics. A Marketing Sherpa study found that BTL events lead to an average 30% increase in sales.

Example: the Coca-Cola company in its BTL campaigns focuses on interactivity with consumers, holding festivals and promotions in cities.

BTL’s contribution to the company’s overall marketing strategy can hardly be overestimated. In addition to the direct impact on sales, BTL tools promote deep and long-term interaction with the target audience. This allows you to form lasting associations with the brand, create an emotional connection and trust on the part of consumers.

Thus, BTL marketing is not just an addition to traditional advertising, but also a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of an overall marketing campaign and increase its conversion.

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