Reasons why you shouldn’t use Apple Pay

  • 23.1.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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With Apple Pay, you don’t need to carry payment cards or cash with you. Everything is conveniently contained in one app on your iPhone 12 pro max, ready for you to tap and make payments when you’re on the go. Millions of people around the world are already using it – should you too? Whether you are a consumer or a seller, we believe you should consider this matter carefully. Despite the undeniable advantages, Apple Pay also has many disadvantages. So why you shouldn’t use Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Disadvantages of Apple Pay for the consumer

As a consumer, you may be exposed to the following security risks by relying solely on Apple Pay.

1. Vulnerability to cyber attacks

Generally, Apple Pay is safe and secure and resistant to cyberattacks, making it a great mobile payment option. However, jailbreaking your iPhone removes software restrictions that also serve to keep you safe. If you have a broken iPhone, think twice before using Apple Pay. Hackers can bypass your transaction limits and duplicate your advance contactless payments.

2. Public Wi-Fi connections compromise security

Apple Pay uses NFC chips to complete contactless payment transactions, so you don’t need an internet connection. It’s fantastic because you can use it without restrictions. However, by default, iPhone automatically searches for available Wi-Fi connections. Public networks are often targeted by hackers and criminals looking to break into insecure financial transactions, such as unauthorized contactless payments. You may accidentally use your iPhone 12 Pro for Apple Pay without noticing that it’s already connected to the public network. After all, contactless transactions occur quite quickly. Few people think about checking their phone’s signal and connection status before paying.

Luckily, you can quickly fix this problem by turning off Ask to Join. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Ask to connect to a network and choose Off. After enabling this setting, even known networks will not automatically connect.

3. Ability to bypass contactless limits without authorization

A study by the University of Birmingham found an Apple Pay vulnerability to Visa payment card fraud when Express Transit is enabled on the iPhone. In fact, hackers can bypass contactless limits on small payments. For example, you used Apple Pay to buy a train ticket. Since this requires minimal authentication, hackers can reverse the transaction and retry it multiple times without your knowledge. Fortunately, these problems are not common. As long as you regularly review your transactions and payments, you will not fall victim to this scheme.

4. Apple collects sensitive personal information

Apple Pay requires you to disclose a variety of personal information. In addition to standard data such as your name and address, the company will also have access to transaction history, which can be of great value. While Apple does not sell user data, it does use your personal information for marketing purposes (i.e. targeted advertising, solicited posts, etc.). You may want to reconsider using Apple Pay altogether if you have doubts about Apple’s privacy practices.

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