17 YouTube Channel Ideas

  • 5.1.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing

The modern world opens up more and more new and unusual ways to earn money. Fifteen years ago, few people could have imagined that video content would be so popular, and the global YouTube platform would make it possible to switch to home earnings. Nowadays, many people want to open a channel, but not everyone knows where to start and how to promote videos.

17 YouTube Channel Ideas

Starting a blog, everyone should first of all ask himself: “What interests me?” The most correct solution for a beginner YouTuber is to talk about what he or she really cares about. There is a huge variety of topics, each of which will find its own niche audience, and the first step for a beginner is to find a place for your own content in the world of trends.

One of the most requested topics is news. Accordingly, for those who are interested in current events, the genre of coverage and analysis of current events is suitable. Reading newspapers and news portals causes boredom and disgust for many. In such cases, a blogger comes to the rescue, who is able to clearly and simply convey relevant topics.

Also, the interview genre is now popular. Many interviewers who started their careers in television have moved their activities completely to YouTube and are collecting millions of views.

If at this stage the channel has not yet been promoted and there is no way to invite sensational guests, the “interesting facts” category will do. This does not require a large staff of sound engineers, editors and screenwriters, but only access to the Internet and the desire to study a particular topic is sufficient. There are many channels on YouTube that specialize in collections of all kinds of facts, so it is extremely important to pay attention to the uniqueness and originality.

Fans of movies and series will be delighted with the demand for movie reviews, especially when it comes to fresh films that have just been released in theaters. If you understand cinematography or at least are fond of this topic, feel free to try yourself in the reviews.

Continuing the theme of review and criticism, avid gamers will definitely like video game reviews. Particularly popular gaming bloggers even receive demos of new games from the developers themselves, which is doubly motivating to start playing games on camera.

Before ordering something in an online store, many people go to YouTube to watch the unpacking in order to make sure that the product is needed. Unboxing bloggers, therefore, do a great job of helping people understand what the quality of a product is.

For people who like to share their experiences with others, the category of reactions may be suitable. As a rule, it is not required to be a connoisseur to shoot video reactions to clips or music, because the audience is looking for an equal person who experiences genuine emotions and skillfully expresses them. The so-called travel blogs will always be in trend. Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone can afford traveling on a grand scale, and here travel YouTubers come to the rescue, who talk about cheap options and life hacks that help make a budget vacation unforgettable.

If the travel does not fit the cost – it does not matter! Everyone has events in life that he would like to share, and if you are not embarrassed by openness with a large number of people, then live vlogs are definitely for you! And if it seems that it is necessary to live a luxurious life, then this is not at all the case: simple and unadorned life stories will be relevant to ordinary viewers.

Various types of educational content are developing, in particular beauty blogs and food blogs. Due to the growing public attention to aspects such as beauty and health, YouTubers who teach the art of makeup and proper nutrition are gaining millions of views and successfully monetizing their content.

In general, professionals in any field can find a target audience on YouTube, which has led to the emergence of channels that teach photography, technology, DIY and more.

There is a growing demand for financial literacy and investment. The modern world requires a lot of knowledge in savings, cryptocurrencies and other monetary aspects. Thus, specialists in this field will find many people who are interested in learning how to properly manage their capital.

As popular as educational content is on YouTube, many people are skeptical about short and informal videos. But even for fans of thoughtful lectures, YouTube has come up with a way out – a video essay. This genre, as a rule, consists of long videos with preliminary in-depth research, in which the author reveals the topic in detail in such areas as cinema, literature, philosophy, etc. Despite the painstaking process of creation and the complex structure that the average viewer is unaccustomed to, video essays occupy a certain niche and, in terms of monetization, allow you to insert more ads due to the length.

Of course, YouTube is the perfect place to promote your creativity globally. Young musicians, like Spotify, use YouTube to reach new audiences. Animation is also extremely popular, which began to develop at a cosmic speed thanks to computer graphics.

Even for those who are sure that they have nothing to offer, YouTube has a way to grow the channel, among which the simplest, perhaps, is the creation of cuts. With a basic knowledge of editing, anyone can create a cut of clips from movies, series and other media that fans will be happy to watch.

The popularity of YouTube is growing every day, and with it the choice of topics for new content is expanding. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this abundance is that anyone is able to make money on what he likes. One has only to open the channel, and if you make enough effort, income will flow through it.

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