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  • 26.9.2022
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Logo bags are very popular all over the world. They are used for advertising purposes to attract all kinds of consumers. Placing advertising logos to promote your business is an easy and effective way to advertise your business at an affordable price. Therefore, branded packages are in great demand. To date, there are many types that differ in density, pressure, with different handles, ranging from hot or cold reinforced to rope, but really the most relevant at the moment are biodegradable starch bags. Many companies advertise their business in this way, and they entrust the creation of masterpieces to companies like Velpax, while saving well.

пакеты с логотипами

There are two types of image printing on manufactured products:

  • Silk screen printing is a method of drawing a picture using a stencil, in which from 1 to 4 colors can be present.
  • Flexography – applied by flexo printing and can have from 1 color to a full color image. It can be the logo of any company, organization, advertisement, or just an image.

Today there are many types of packages such as:

  • Biodegradable bags – made from starch, with the addition of polypropylene (up to 10%) and food additives that decompose quickly.
  • LDPE (high pressure bags) – made of high pressure polyethylene with a load capacity of 3-8 kg. They have a smooth or glossy finish with a reinforced ratter handle.
  • HDPE (low-pressure bags) – these products are made from low-pressure polyethylene, or rather, using the “shurshiki” method. They are available with a smooth, matte or rustling finish. They are considered quite durable and easy to use with cold and hot fix handles, as well as with a rope handle. The package with the logo is made in two types, in the form of a T-shirt with a holding capacity of 3 kg, and tighter ones with a holding capacity of 7 kg to 10 kg.
  • STIKY TAPE – STIKY TAPE branded bags are considered one of the tightest and can withstand a load of up to 15 kg. They are made of multilayer polyethylene and have an adhesive valve. Outwardly they look smooth and rustling with a black coating inside. Packages specially designed for various documentation are produced transparent.
  • KO-EX plastic bags – these products with the KO-EX logo are produced from high-density polyethylene with a smooth matte finish. They are divided into 2 types of punched handles, by the method of hot and cold fastening and can withstand weight up to 6 kg.
  • PSD (medium pressure bags) – made of medium pressure polyethylene or otherwise “mixed”, with a holding time of 10 kg. The production technology of such bags is very similar to the production of LDPE plastic bags, the same density only with stronger handles without fasteners.
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