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  • 9.4.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Today, many government agencies are actively searching for real suppliers of high-quality military uniforms. Such purchases are especially made during periods of climate change (the transition to winter or summer uniforms). If at the beginning of Ukraine’s Independence such tenders for supplies were held in a closed format and not everyone had access to them, now the situation has changed significantly.

Thanks to the Prozorro platform, any company will be able to participate in such a tender. You need to register and submit an application with your offer.

However, not all so simple. The company must produce high-quality uniforms and must meet all the requirements of government agencies. Therefore, you need to study the legislation in these procurements and understand the specifics of their organization.

Specifics of tenders for military uniforms

In fact, all tenders for military uniforms are held twice a year. However, the purchase costs significant amounts. The cost of the tender will depend on the number of items for individual uniforms. However, the total amount of such contracts amounts to more than a million hryvnia.

Специфіка проведення тендерів 

Therefore, uniform manufacturers, depending on their production capabilities, can consider in advance whether they are ready to participate in such tenders. Thanks to the Prozorro platform, bidding is open and all manufacturers have the opportunity to try to close the order on their own.

Applicants should review the conditions and requirements from the organizer before submitting an offer. Most proposals are rejected precisely because they do not meet the requirements.

Tender procedure

By opening purchases on the site transparently, applicants must adequately assess their own capabilities. There is no need to try to take part in a tender for the supply of 10 thousand sets of uniforms if the production capacity is capable of producing only 2 thousand.

In general, applicants need to proceed as follows:

  • register on the Prozorro website;
  • find a tender according to their profile (military uniform is under code DK 021:2015);
  • study the purchase request well;
  • make sure of your own capabilities to actually close the request;
  • make an offer;
  • wait for the completion of the tender and its results.

On the Prozorro website, the winner will be the company that provides the lowest offer. It will be sent to the auction organizer. However, he has the right to reject such a proposal, subject to providing justified reasons. For example, if the quality of the uniform does not meet the stated requirements (winter sets are needed, but the company produces only summer ones). They may also refuse if the organization’s leaders have a bad reputation and there are open lawsuits against it.

Процедура проведення тендеру

If rejected, the organizer receives an offer from the next company that had the second best offer. Thus, the process will continue until the winner of the tender is selected or is declared unsuccessful.


The Prozorro platform is considered an excellent electronic platform for ensuring transparent public procurement. This is especially important for organizations involved in the production of military uniforms. They can monitor all the processes online online. The relevant authorities also monitor the bidding to prevent manipulation in government procurement.

Any enterprise can become a participant in such auctions. However, it is necessary to have appropriate production capacity and an excellent reputation of the enterprise. Then everything is in the hands of the organizer and the applicant.

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