What ergonomic office furniture is needed for productive remote work?

  • 30.4.2024
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When working remotely, there is often a temptation to work in bed, on the sofa, or at the kitchen table. Unfortunately, pursuing these ideas will negatively impact your productivity. Firstly, it will become difficult for you to switch between work and rest. Secondly, a long seat in an uncomfortable position will lead to stooping, rapid fatigue, and discomfort in the back, shoulders and neck. To prevent this, create a comfortable workplace with ergonomic office furniture.

The most important office furniture for your workplace

Ergonomics teaches that everything affects your productivity: from the comfort of office furniture to the clutter on your desk. To learn more about creating a productive workplace, we turned to the Eversolid online store. Its experts advise first of all to pay attention to:

  1. The height of the table matches your height.

If your feet don’t reach the floor, you need to either install a footrest or replace the table. Modern models with adjustable height allow you to adjust the position for both sitting and standing work.

  1. Comfort of a computer chair.

The position of the back, seat, armrests and headrests should be adjustable. Consider orthopedic models that easily adapt to your individual body features.

  1. Monitor position.

When working, your gaze should be directed above the center of the screen. This makes it easier to keep your back straight and not slouch. You can raise the monitor to eye level using a stand or bracket.

  1. Order on the table.

All things needed for work should be placed in desktop organizers. If there is not enough space, you can buy office furniture with large storage compartments.

  1. Phone location.

Instead of holding your smartphone, leave it on the table stand, freeing up your hands. There are models with wireless charging that allow you to use your mobile phone all day without worrying about the battery level.

What ergonomic office furniture is needed for productive remote work?

10 useful ergonomic accessories and furniture for the office

After choosing the main furniture for your office, you should consider useful ergonomic accessories. Here are 10 popular positions that may be useful to you:

  1. Headphone stand, where it will be convenient to store your gadget.
  2. A hanging shelf that will expand the available space.
  3. A bracket for two monitors, which will allow you to raise a pair of screens at the same height.
  4. A balancing board that will make working while standing much more comfortable.
  5. A special treadmill, which can be found in office furniture stores. With her you will play sports while completing work tasks.
  6. Vertical laptop stand that keeps the gadget closed, saving space on the table.
  7. Wrist rest to reduce strain on your hands, allowing you to type more.
  8. A leather rug that will help zone your workspace.
  9. A stand for glasses that will keep an important accessory intact.
  10. Cable channels in which you can hide wires from devices.

When purchasing accessories and furniture for your office, be sure to choose the right size. Usually the manufacturer himself indicates all the requirements and restrictions on the operation of products.

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