What are drop domains and how important are they for SEO?

  • 22.8.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: SEO

A drop domain is a domain name that was previously owned by another owner, but for some reason was not renewed after the expiration of the registration period. When a domain is not renewed, it is returned to the domain name registry and made available for registration by others.

For SEO (search engine optimization) drops are interesting and effective in that some of them can have valuable inbound link history, authority and domain age, i.e. good domain characteristics. These factors can have a positive impact on the ranking of a new site registered on such a domain. However, not all dropdomains have a positive history, and choosing the right dropdomain for SEO requires care and analysis.


How to choose a drop domain?

Before choosing a drop domain, it is recommended that you do a thorough research and possibly consult with experienced SEO specialists to minimize the risks and increase the chances of successfully using a drop domain for your project.

Among the parameters to consider when choosing:

  • Domain history. We recommend finding out what the history of the domain was. If it has been previously used for spam, it may have violated search engine rules, or is associated with untrustworthy content, this could negatively impact your site.
  • External links. Investigate external links pointing to this domain name. If a site has quality and authoritative inbound links, this can help improve the authority of your new site.
  • Subject. It is best to use those that are related to the theme of your future site. Similar topics can make it easier to tailor a domain to your content.
    domain age. Old sites with a good history can be more valuable than new ones.
  • Authority. Use authority tools (such as Moz Domain Authority) and pick a drop that performs well.

Keep in mind that even with a good drop domain history, there is no guarantee that it will have a positive impact on your site. You still need to create quality content and follow other SEO rules.


How to buy the corresponding drop?

The purchase process may vary by platform and registrar. If you’ve found a suitable dropdomain listed on a site or auction, follow the platform’s instructions. Usually, you will need to create an account on the platform and provide the required information. If it’s an auction, you can bid on the domain. Please note that auctions can be competitive and prices can rise quickly. If the domain name is available for direct purchase on the site, you can immediately submit an offer to purchase.

After successful payment, you will get access to the domain. And depending on the platform and domain registrar, the transfer procedure may differ. You will be required to provide information about the new registrar (if different from the platform on which you purchased the domain) and complete the necessary steps to complete the transfer. After successfully purchasing and carrying the drop, be sure to ensure it is properly serviced. This involves setting up the correct DNS records, renewing the domain registration, and creating content on the site if necessary.

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