Sale of timber for B2B business: the benefits of exchange trading and the opportunities of UEB LLC

  • 28.6.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Wood is one of the most important resources used in various industries and construction. There are many ways to sell wood, but one of the best options is stock trading. This method of trading makes it possible to buy and sell timber efficiently, providing benefits to both sides of the transaction.

ТОВ «Українська енергетична біржа»

One of the most popular platforms for wood exchange trading in Ukraine is Ukrainian Energy Exchange LLC (UEEX) – birzhovih-auktsionah/. This exchange provides a convenient and transparent bidding mechanism where buyers and sellers can effectively transact timber.

In order to take part in auctions at Ukrainian Energy Exchange LLC, you must submit an application for participation. The bidding process usually takes place online, saving bidders time and effort. The application must contain the necessary information about the buyer or seller, the amount of wood they wish to purchase or sell, as well as other details that may affect the conclusion of the transaction.

Factors determining the price of a cube of round timber in Ukraine

The price of a cube of wood-rounded in Ukraine depends on various factors determined at the exchange auction. The main factors affecting the price include:

  • Type of wood: different types of wood have their own value due to different properties and characteristics.
  • Range and quality: High quality wood usually costs more.
  • Volume and size: the larger the volume of wood and its size, the higher the price can be.
  • Market conditions: The demand and supply of wood in the market can affect the price. For example, an increase in demand can lead to an increase in prices.
  • Regional features: The price of wood may differ depending on the region where it is located, due to different logistics and transport costs.

Participation in exchange auctions at Ukrainian Energy Exchange LLC allows buyers and sellers to get the best conditions and find the best price for wood. With transparency and a competitive environment, exchange trading is becoming a profitable option for B2B businesses in the woodworking and construction industries.

Therefore, for a business interested in selling or purchasing wood, it is important to consider the possibility of exchange trading at Ukrainian Energy Exchange LLC. This approach allows efficient transactions and finding the best prices for wood, ensuring successful cooperation for market participants.

Viber and Telegram bots, as well as a convenient email newsletter, will help you keep track of new auctions. At the setup stage during registration, select the options you need and receive a notification directly to your smartphone!


Who can participate in exchange trading in cobblestones?

Both timber producers and buyers from various industries, such as woodworking, construction, furniture industry, etc., can take part in the exchange trading in cobblestones.

What are the advantages of cobblestone trading compared to other ways of selling timber?

Exchange trading in round timber provides transparency, competition and optimal price dynamics. They allow you to find the best price for wood, attract more buyers and sellers, and ensure a fair and balanced pricing policy.

What are the benefits of participating in exchange trading in cobblestones at UEB LLC?

Participation in exchange trading at UEB LLC allows you to gain access to a wide base of buyers and sellers, ensure transparency and efficiency of transactions and find the best price for timber due to a competitive trading environment.

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