Prozorro Market: revolution in public procurement in Ukraine

  • 26.12.2023
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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What is Prozorro Market?

Prozorro Market is an innovative platform that is changing approaches to public procurement in Ukraine. Designed to ensure transparency and efficiency in procurement, this system opens up new opportunities for government customers to purchase goods. Prozorro Market simplifies the purchasing process, reducing bureaucratic obstacles and reducing the time required to obtain the necessary goods.

Prozorro Market

The history of Prozorro Market

The history of the creation of Prozorro Market began as part of a broader initiative to reform the public procurement system in Ukraine. Prozorro, an e-procurement system, was launched to combat corruption and increase transparency in this area. Thanks to the success of the Prozorro system, it was decided to create the Prozorro Market catalog to simplify and speed up the process of purchasing goods by government customers. This platform was an important step in the development of e-procurement in Ukraine, which ensured even greater accessibility, speed and efficiency in this area.

Prozorro Market operating principles

The operating principles of Prozorro Market are based on transparency, efficiency and accessibility.

  • Transparency: All procurement procedures are open to review, ensuring transparent selection of suppliers and preventing corruption.
  • Efficiency: the system simplifies the procurement process, reducing the time and effort required to prepare tender documents.
  • Availability: Prozorro Market provides easy access to a wide range of products, making the selection and purchasing process more convenient for government customers.

These principles are aimed at increasing the efficiency of public procurement while ensuring high quality goods and services.

Advantages of Prozorro Market for suppliers

Prozorro Market offers a number of advantages for suppliers:

  1. Market expansion: The platform allows suppliers to present their products to a wide range of government customers, thereby expanding their market.
  2. Levels of competition: Prozorro Market ensures fair and open competition, where all participants have equal opportunities to participate in tenders.
  3. Simplification of participation in tenders: the system makes the process of participation in public procurement simpler and more convenient for suppliers.
  4. Transparency and tracking of procurement: suppliers can monitor current tenders and respond to them in a timely manner, increasing their chances of success.

Benefits for buyers in Prozorro Market

Prozorro Market offers significant advantages for buyers, especially for government customers:

  1. Efficiency of the purchasing process: the system allows customers to quickly and easily find the products they need, reducing the time and effort required for the purchasing procedure.
  2. Transparency and openness: customers have access to complete information about products and suppliers, which ensures transparent choices.
  3. Competitive Pricing: The open and competitive nature of the platform keeps prices down, providing customers with a better purchasing experience.
  4. Wide selection of products: Prozorro Market offers a wide range of products that satisfy the diverse needs of government customers.

How to use Prozorro Market?

To use Prozorro Market, you can follow these steps:

  1. Creating a purchasing plan: the customer needs to create a purchasing plan on one of the platforms that support Prozorro Market.
  2. Announcement of a request for price proposals: it is necessary to announce a request, indicating the name, quantity, timing and place of delivery of the goods, terms of payment and deadline for submitting proposals.
  3. Waiting for proposals from suppliers: the customer waits for participants to submit their proposals.
  4. Conclusion of an agreement with the winner: after determining the winner, the customer enters into an agreement within a certain period.
  5. Publication of the transaction: after the conclusion of the transaction, the customer must make it public within three working days.

Prozorro Market plays a key role in reforming the public procurement system in Ukraine, ensuring transparency, efficiency and accessibility of the procurement process. This platform not only promotes convenience and speed of procurement for government customers, but also opens up new opportunities for suppliers, creating a healthy competitive environment.

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