8 popular freelance exchanges

  • 8.11.2021
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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More and more people are interested in telecommuting because of the many factors that “inconsistent” employment can provide. Of course, it is immediately worth noting that the level of wages here may be higher, it is possible to plan the amount received and personal work time yourself. Freelancing is very simple. The more you work, the more you get. Without any pressure “from above”, prejudiced relations, unnecessary stress and “unsuccessful” team.

самая популярная биржа фриланса

8 popular freelancing exchanges

  1. The largest Russian-language exchange FL.ru opens the list. The exchange has its own application, easy to use. It has over 1 million registered artists. Every month, the exchange publishes over 30,000 different vacancies, competitions for a wide range of specialists. FL.ru entered the global market and is used in 27 countries around the world.
  2. The Habr Freelance exchange is popular mainly with IT specialists. The exchange is only growing and developing, it has various shortcomings, as well as a wave of indignation among performers due to a request for personal data, payment only to an electronic wallet, a large commission, but still lower than on FL.ru. According to reviews from various sources, this exchange has a lower percentage of scammers and bots.
  3. The ETHT.ru exchange is in demand among freelancers in the field of translation, copywriting, rewriting, and translation. The exchange provides an opportunity to sell finished articles, as well as photographs. Convenient and easy to use, and also takes a small percentage of the withdrawal of funds.
  4. Illustrators.ru is the largest community of illustrators in Russia, orders are updated almost every day. Authors can share knowledge through audience work, personal news, or just thoughts on illustration.
  5. The following service provides an opportunity for performers to specify what work they are ready to perform and at what price. Moguza.ru guarantees fast and reliable money transfer. Large range of output, the user can choose more convenient for themselves. Provides services from creating websites and graphics to working with text.
  6. Topcreator.org is an online gallery of various authors’ works. Used by designers, other creative people in the field of art. Authors can get advice and feedback, as well as share their own knowledge. A large number of different tasks in terms of difficulty.
  7. Copylancer is a professional content exchange. Associated with copywriting, allows you to check the text for spelling and uniqueness. The exchange rates are quite low, 15-30 rubles per 1000 characters, but it has something to boast of in the form of a pleasant interface. To be honest, it all ends there. Most often, the requirements for orders are overstated, the rating system is inconvenient. Support takes too long to answer.
  8. Advego – you can find almost any part-time job (writing text, translating, rewriting, likes, writing news, etc.). Prices from 24 rubles per 1000 signs.

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Remote work has a great future, it has many advantages. But the choice of the exchange must be treated very carefully, since freelancing is a choice and the possibility of this choice, therefore you need to look for the best conditions for your work. Different categories were provided on these exchanges, so one of them will have the necessary specialty.

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