Admission to a Slovak university. How to prepare?

  • 15.1.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Admission to a Slovak university. How to prepare?

Enrolling in university is an important step in the life of every student. One of the attractive options for many is enrolling in Slovak universities, because a European diploma and free education in the Slovak language is a very profitable combination. How to prepare for admission and what you should know? Let’s look at this question step by step.

Admission to a Slovak university

1. Choosing a university and specialty:

The first step in the admissions process is choosing a university and major. Research different universities, their rankings and study programs. Determine your interests and goals for studying in Slovakia. Consult with those who already have experience.

2. Admission requirements:

Each university in Slovakia, moreover, each faculty has its own admission requirements. Make sure what subjects you will study, what documents you need to prepare and whether there are entrance exams. Typically, important elements are a language learning certificate, which can also be obtained at specialized language schools. Please note whether results from NMT or other standardized tests are required.

3. Learning Slovak:

Free education in Slovakia is possible provided that you study in the Slovak language. Therefore, studying it intensively before entering will make your learning easier. Consider studying at ComeStudy language school, where you can receive an international certificate.

4. Preparation of documents:

Identify the required documents for admission. This may include transcripts of grades, diplomas of previous education, motivation letter, language certificates, etc. Make sure all documents are ready. This is one of the most complex processes, which should be approached most responsibly and strictly follow the requirements.

5. Application and deadlines:

Familiarize yourself with the application procedure and determine the deadlines. Follow the schedule to avoid missing important dates.

6. Preparing for an interview:

Some universities may require interviews or entrance exams. Prepare for this stage by studying the basic requirements, topics, and participating in preparatory courses.

Admission to a Slovak university is a multi-step process that requires preparation and focus on details. It’s important not to miss anything. You can try your hand at it yourself, or you can entrust this matter to ComeStudy professionals and not worry about the result.


ComeStudy is an educational center with representation of Slovak universities in Ukraine. We care about your admission, from the first phone call to the first lesson.

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