Benefits of web development with React in 2022

  • 20.8.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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React was created by Facebook as a solution for high-traffic, scalable applications. Since its introduction to the market, it has become a beloved JavaScript framework, allowing developers to write declarative coding that is flexible and readable. And the DOM will only show the changes that have been made, instead of showing all the code over and over again.

Benefits of working with React

React turned out to be a simple library and is considered a great developer skill today. There are several advantages of working with React, we note:

1. Virtual DOM

Initially, React was famous for its glory, but now there are other standalone virtual DOM implementations that can be added. This also includes virtual DOMs implemented in other JS frameworks.

2. Server rendering

Server-side rendering comes out of the React box, making DOM and code easier to manage and render.

3. Descriptive Warnings

One of the best moments for any newbie is if a developer is working with React for the first time and accidentally makes a mistake, the system will tell you where the error is in the code and how to fix it.

4. Event setting system

React allows developers to create custom events that are then updated in the data store. There are many libraries that help developers easily port existing code from callbacks to a more declarative programming model.

5. Declarative coding

React replaces the imperative API with a declarative one, making it easier to create interactive user interfaces. React efficiently updates and renders the necessary components to change the data.

6. Estimated encoding.

React allows developers to open any JavaScript file with a React component and understand the possible states of that component and how it will behave just by looking at that file.

Working with React Native – Benefits

React Native is designed as a bridge between coding and the host platform. React Native allows developers to write JavaScript code, but renders it for the Android and iOS platforms, giving the application a natural look and feel. Here are some pros for learning React Native:

1. Ability to parallelize work

React allows you to render outside of the main thread for smooth animations.

2. Declarative style

The declarative coding style has been the main reason for the popularity of React and React Native. Developers can write flexible codes that can be read and not manipulated.

3. Complex gesture processing

There are sensory materials on the Internet, but there is no appropriate toolkit or developer discipline to create a gesture system. React Native changes this by providing access to its own gestures.

4. Access to own opportunities

React provides access to platform-specific features and components, including native widgets.

5. Fast iterations

React Native allows you to use hot and live reload, where you can decide how to reload the application in order to see the changes.

6. Cross-platform

The same platform can be used to code, develop, and release programs for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

7. Easy readability

The declarative coding style simplifies the coding process, the developer can just look at the code and understand what it will do instead of drawing it and figuring it out.


These are just some of the many reasons why React and React Native have become favorite libraries and frameworks. Learning React should start with HTML and JavaScript. Learning in a different sequence is illogical. Feedback and code reviews help speed up progress in learning React.js, making the code workable, readable, and meet industry standards. React is a great skill, especially at a time when smartphones are vastly superior to desktops.

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