Electronic loyalty cards – a new technology in marketing

  • 17.6.2020
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Marketing

In the world of modern business, there is hardly at least one segment that does not use customer loyalty programs both to maintain the interest of current consumers in their services and / or goods, and to attract new interested audiences. It’s no secret that tracking the effectiveness of loyalty programs is a very problematic issue.

  • How many buyers came to you after emailing information about the promotion?
  • How many of them are current customers, how many new ones?
  • What were your costs for organizing the mailing list?
  • How many people were you able to notify?
  • How often do regular customers come to you?
  • What percentage of your customers among the holders of loyalty cards have not used your products and / or services during the last year at all?

Can you answer these and other questions about your organization’s loyalty system? Most likely not, right?

Currently, more and more companies are creating their own mobile applications in order to be able to still receive answers, if not to all, then at least to some part of these questions, and also not to use additional means of notifying customers about discounts, promotions, sales. And here again the question arises – what percentage of your customers have installed this application on their phone?

The situation is quite different with electronic loyalty cards.

Marketing opportunities of electronic loyalty cards for business

  1. Creating a positive image of the organization

Like any loyalty program, this technology will create and/or strengthen a positive image of the organization. However, unlike others, electronic loyalty programs will allow you to do this very quickly and at minimal cost. This opens up a lot of business opportunities!

Unique design and branding. On the front side of the card, you can place your company logo, choose any color, change the design for specific promotions, place additional information about discounts or events for customers, write the name of the cardholder, the name of the promotion, information about the balance.

On the back of the card, you can place contact information, links to the site and / or pages on social networks, buttons with geolocation. Here you can also add any additional text fields and hyperlinks.

Updates. You can easily change the information on the maps at any time.

Instant notifications to customers about important company news. With push notifications, your customers will instantly learn about new promotions or events in your organization, personal offers and discounts. No more spending on e-mail or SMS mailings, paper coupons and leaflets, plastic cards!

Attract those who are close to you: an electronic loyalty card for a restaurant or a beauty salon. Use geolocation settings to notify your customers who are near you right now about new dishes at the restaurant, happy hours at the beauty salon, discounts that are valid only now, etc.

Transparency. Your customers always know how many points they have accumulated or what discount they can expect. This information is displayed on the front of the card.

  1. Increasing awareness and expanding the range of interested audiences.

You ask – how? Very simple.

It is much easier to distribute electronic loyalty cards than ordinary plastic ones. Your customers will receive a loyalty card in just one click! There are many options for distributing electronic cards:

  • inside the organization – using various printing tools (leaflets, brochures, stickers on the front doors, billboards, etc.), simply by placing a QR code on them. When scanning a QR code, the card immediately goes to your buyer’s Apple Wallet
  • “word of mouth” – this tool is familiar to every business owner. But how, you ask, can you distribute loyalty cards using this method? Easy – each cardholder can send a link to their friends, acquaintances or relatives, by clicking on which they will immediately receive their own loyalty card from your organization;
  • distribution among subscribers in social networks – this technology is simple and understandable even for schoolchildren. Just post on your social media groups with a link to download the map or add the link to your Instagram profile header.
  • using advertising tools – contextual advertising, targeted advertising. Why not? These tools will allow you to quickly reach a wide range of interested audiences.
  • promotional SMS and email newsletters are another easy way to attract new customers and give them loyalty cards of your organization that will always be with them.
  1. Increase in the number of loyal customers and increase in repeat sales

Electronic loyalty cards allow you to contact customers directly: congratulations on any holidays, birthdays, personal offers and discounts, invitations to events. You can quickly send messages from your personal account to any number of users thanks to pre-created triggers – date, time, event, etc.! Push notifications ensure that your messages are seen. Tests show that every second information message sent to customers via an electronic card will be read! Where else have you seen such a conversion?

But that’s not all! Distributing cards, notifying customers is only half the battle. How to calculate the effectiveness of marketing activities that are implemented using electronic loyalty cards? Electronic loyalty cards provide an opportunity to deeply analyze all business processes using built-in analytics systems.

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