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  • 19.8.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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What is cloud solutions?

Cloud solutions help in the storage and subsequent processing of information. They are useful both for small businesses and for medium and large organizations with subsidiaries. Small companies use the cloud as a place to store mail services, accounting, and various small data applications. Large enterprises, on the other hand, use cloud-based business solutions that can organize an entire remote office.

Облачные сервисы для бизнеса

Work process

Modern technologies of cloud solutions represent a virtual infrastructure of a serviced enterprise, which is stored on remote servers. To get access to the necessary data, the service customer connects to the servers using the Internet. All information is securely protected by a multi-stage protection system, so only the owners of the information or those who have been granted such rights can access it.

Types of cloud solutions

There are several types of services, and each organization chooses the one that suits it.

Облачные решения для бизнеса

For example, cloud solutions provider Tucha offers:

  • virtual servers of flexible configurations (both in Ukraine and abroad);
  • backup hosting services;
  • high-quality hosting of sites and mail;
  • physical servers abroad;
  • cloud storage for files;
  • service of container infrastructure and automation of CI/CD processes.

Tucha facilities can accommodate both the entire IT infrastructure of the company and individual work programs and data, for example:

  • accounting and financial accounting programs;
  • software for reporting and electronic document management, client-bank applications;
  • CRM and ERP systems, IP telephony;
  • corporate mail and websites;
  • databases, archives, documents, file backups, etc.

And clouds based on the container infrastructure service will be useful for developing your own web applications and supporting the operation of highly loaded IT systems.

With Tucha, you get secure storage of programs and data and the ability to work with them 24×7 from anywhere in the world, round-the-clock competent technical support and quick answers to questions related to working in the clouds.

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Implementation of cloud solutions is an undeniable benefit for business. The main advantage is complete mobility. The owner of the company or any other employee is no longer required to be constantly in the office in order to use the programs and data necessary for him. To work, he only needs a stable Internet connection and a computer, tablet, laptop or modern smartphone. Small and medium-sized enterprises can save a lot on building their office IT infrastructure. For large organizations, the clouds help to increase the security of storing important data. In addition, there are other undeniable advantages of cloud technologies:

  1. The ability to centrally store information, which is important for organizations with many separate branches.
  2. Increased security. Information is better protected than when stored on local servers.

Why do you need a cloud?

Storing and processing information in this way allows not only saving on office IT infrastructure, but also optimizing the workflow of each branch and the entire company as a whole. At the same time, the client does not need to buy additional computers, equip a local network and workstations for users. Round-the-clock access and support for all technological processes help to increase the productivity of the enterprise.

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