Printing stickers with a logo: the main advantages for business

  • 6.1.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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печать наклеек с логотипом

The production of stickers remains one of the most popular types of printing services. This printing is used as image and advertising printed products, has a wide range of applications and is considered a budget type of promotion of goods and services. The logo printed on the surface of the sticker always attracts the attention of customers. Buyers develop a strong associative connection with the brand, which increases its memorization and quick recognition of products among competitors.

Advantages of branded printing

The presence of corporate style elements always strengthens the company’s image. Printing stickers with a logo help create a recognizable and professional brand. You can distribute printed materials with your identity among clients, business partners and employees.

In addition to increasing the level of brand loyalty, stickers with a logo also fulfill their intended purpose. This is an effective and budget-friendly advertising material. Branded stickers can be distributed at events, exhibitions, and points of sale to attract the attention of new customers.

Stickers can be used on various surfaces: glass showcases and checkout areas, windows, walls and entrance doors, personal gadgets and office equipment, street objects and transport. Stickers with a logo can serve as an effective decorative element for decorating a sales area or company office.

Where are logo stickers used

Being one of the most budget-friendly types of advertising, stickers are also distinguished by a wide range of applications.

  • Packaging. Stickers allow you to attract the attention of buyers and increase the recognition of the manufacturer.
  • Showcases and shops. Placing branded stickers in sales areas allows you to expand your target audience.
  • Phones and laptops. Stickers with creative designs are often applied to personal gadgets. This is also one of the ways to mark office equipment.
  • Promotions. Distributing stickers with a logo is an effective event marketing tool that works great for the company’s image.
  • Bonuses. Stickers are used as handouts as gifts or souvenirs for clients and employees.
  • Mail mailing. Stickers are an easy way to brand your delivery boxes. You can also send stickers in envelopes along with commercial offers.

Stickers on self-adhesive film

This type of printed product is in much greater demand than stickers on paper. After all, the paper base significantly limits the scope of application of printed products – such stickers are suitable only for indoor use. While film stickers can withstand aggressive street conditions perfectly. They can be in contact with the sun, rain and snow for years without changing their original appearance.

Stickers on self-adhesive film have a special adhesive base that provides reliable and durable attachment to various types of surfaces. High-quality polymer film is durable. You can attach a sticker in a few seconds, without using additional materials or tools. Unlike the paper version, they are easily removed from the surface without leaving adhesive marks or damage.

Other advantages of stickers on self-adhesive film:

  • do not limit the choice of design – they can be of different shapes and sizes;
  • reusable;
  • due to high-quality printing, images are clear and detailed;
  • used for various purposes, including advertising, branding, decoration, labeling.

Good sticker layout

Printing must clearly demonstrate the brand identity, the goals of the advertising campaign, and be linked to the behavioral characteristics of the target audience. To make your sticker effective, try to keep the design simple and easy to read. Use clean lines, minimal text, and bright colors to grab attention.

The main purpose of a logo sticker is to increase brand awareness. Make sure the logo is clearly visible and distinguishable from other graphics. Use a central position and enough size to be visible. The sticker layout should match the overall visual style of the company. Use colors, fonts and graphics that reflect your brand values.

If you are planning a large print run, it is recommended to make a test order in the form of several copies. This will help you evaluate how the sticker looks in practice. On the website of the printing house you can order not only the printing of stickers, but also the development of a printing layout “from scratch.”

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