How to write a commercial proposal for legal services, examples

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Creating an effective business proposal for legal services requires not only a deep understanding of the legal field, but also the ability to convincingly convey the value of your services to potential clients. In this article, we’ll look at the key aspects of creating a compelling value proposition for legal services, presenting proven strategies and examples to help law firms and solo practitioners stand out in the market and attract new clients.

How to write a commercial proposal for legal services, examples

What must be included in a commercial proposal (CP)?

A commercial proposal (CP) is your first step towards successful interaction with a potential client. Therefore, it should be as informative, attractive and convincing as possible.

Proposal header

The title of the proposal plays a key role in attracting the attention of your potential client. It should not only be attractive and memorable, but also accurately reflect the essence of the offer, instantly making it clear how the client can benefit by contacting you. This is your chance to stand out among your competitors from the very first seconds of reading the document. Below is a table with examples of headings for a law firm that specializes in protecting the rights of entrepreneurs.




Using numbers

Numbers in headlines attract attention and promise specific value.

5 immutable ways to protect the rights of entrepreneurs in 2024

Ask questions

Questions force readers to think and look for answers in the CP.

Losing money? How you can protect your rights as an entrepreneur right now

Using emotional words

Emotional words evoke a reaction and make the headline more attractive.

Save your business: impenetrable protection of the rights of entrepreneurs

Promise of a solution to the problem

Readers are looking for solutions to their problems, and the headline should promise an effective solution.

Goodbye legal troubles: a guide to protecting the rights of entrepreneurs

Creating suspense

Intriguing headlines make you want to read on to find out more.

Secrets of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs that lawyers are silent about

Using a unique offer

Highlighting the uniqueness of the offer helps you stand out among competitors.

Discover a revolutionary method of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs

Direct appeal to the reader

Addressing the reader directly creates a sense of personal dialogue and increases engagement.

Is your business at risk? Here’s how to reliably protect your rights

Lead paragraph of a commercial proposal

The lead paragraph in a commercial proposal is your opportunity to interest the client and force him to continue reading. Here it is important to convey the essence of your offer to the potential client as clearly and concisely as possible, to emphasize its uniqueness and advantages. Start by identifying the problem your target audience is facing and offer a solution, indicating how your company can help solve it. For example: “Are you facing legal difficulties in your business? Our team of professional lawyers offers comprehensive services to protect your rights and interests. With us, your business is reliably protected, and you can focus on its development.” This paragraph should show that you understand the client’s needs and are ready to offer effective solutions.

Argumentation in the CP

Argumentation in a commercial offer of legal services plays an important role, since it helps to convince a potential client of the need to choose your company. In this section, you must provide specific evidence of your competence, experience, and success in providing services. Include the following aspects:

  1. Experience and professionalism. Indicate how many years you have been working in the legal services market, what your specializations are and what the level of qualifications of your employees is. Give examples of successful cases and complex problems that you managed to solve.
  2. Unique advantages. Describe how your company differs from its competitors. This may be the use of innovative technologies in work, the ability to provide legal services in a wide range of areas, etc.
  3. Reviews from satisfied customers. Confirm your reputation with positive reviews from your customers. This can be either text reviews or links to case studies on your website, where success stories are described in detail.
  4. Guarantees and obligations. Indicate the guarantees you provide when providing services and the obligations you undertake. This may include confidentiality, meeting deadlines, personal support of the case, etc.
  5. Additional services. If you offer any additional services or unique terms of cooperation (for example, free initial consultation, 24/7 support, etc.), be sure to mention this.

Using these arguments, you will be able to create a convincing and powerful commercial proposal that will highlight your professionalism and willingness to solve client problems at a high level.

Tariffs in the commercial offer of a law firm

The presentation of tariffs in a law firm’s commercial proposal requires clarity, transparency and flexibility so that potential clients can easily understand the cost of services and choose the optimal package for themselves. Here’s how to effectively design this section:

  1. Tariff structuring. Divide your services into logical categories or packages, each of which will address specific customer needs. For example, a basic package for beginning entrepreneurs, an extended package for larger businesses, and VIP service with an individual approach.
  2. Pricing transparency. Provide specific prices for each type of service or package, avoiding hidden fees and additional conditions. This will help establish trust with customers and allow them to make informed choices.
  3. Description of included services. For each tariff, describe in detail what services are included in the package. This may include consultations, representation in courts, preparation of documents, legal support of transactions, etc.
  4. Flexible conditions. Offer the ability to tailor service packages to the individual needs of the client. This will show your willingness to meet your customers halfway and find solutions that best satisfy their needs.
  5. Special offers and discounts. Indicate promotions, discounts for long-term cooperation or recommendations that may be an additional incentive to choose your company.
  6. Examples of cost calculation. Provide examples demonstrating how the final cost of services is formed depending on the volume and complexity of the tasks. This will help customers better understand what they can expect.

When designing the tariffs section, remember that clarity and openness of information work in your favor, making it easier for potential clients to decide whether to cooperate with your law firm.

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What should you pay attention to? Writing tips

  1. Being as specific as possible in a commercial proposal for legal services is the key to effectively attracting clients’ attention. Your task is to provide a clear understanding of what exactly you offer, what problems you can solve, and what results the client can expect.
  2. Addressing a clearly defined audience in a legal proposal is the basis for creating effective and targeted copy. Understanding who your target audience is allows you to formulate your offer in a way that best meets their needs and expectations. Here are some tips on how to do this:
  • Define your target audience. You must clearly understand who your clients are: small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, individuals, specialized industries (for example, IT, medicine, construction), etc. What legal problems do they encounter most often and what services do they most need?

  • Use language that your audience understands. Communication should be based on a language that is easily understood by your target audience. If you are addressing a business audience, focus on legal protection of their interests, tax optimization, and intellectual property protection. For individuals, emphasize the possibility of protecting their rights and interests in the courts, consulting services on various issues.
  • Highlight the benefits to a specific audience. Your proposal should clearly outline the benefits that the client will receive by choosing your law firm. This could be deep specialization in a certain area of law, successful experience in solving complex cases, etc.

  • Give examples of successful cases. Real examples of successfully solving problems for clients of a similar profile will strengthen confidence in your offer and help you better understand how you can help them.
  • Focus on your unique offers. These could be special conditions for startups, flexible tariffs for small businesses, confidential consultations for individuals, etc.

This approach not only allows you to attract the attention of a specific audience, but also immediately shows that you understand their needs and are ready to offer the best solutions.

  1. Write in clear language

Write in clear language means avoiding complex legal jargon and specialized terms that may exist. It is important to formulate proposals so that they are understandable without special knowledge in the field of law. This helps establish trust and makes information easier to digest, making your business proposition more attractive to potential clients.

The key task is to convey the essence of the services offered as clearly as possible, so that every client, regardless of his legal literacy, can understand what benefits he will receive by contacting you. An effective communication message is built on the principles of clarity, specificity and accessibility, which ultimately promotes better understanding between you and your customers.

In conclusion, an effective legal services sales pitch plays a critical role in attracting and retaining clients, ensuring the sustainable growth of your legal practice. It not only demonstrates your competence and understanding of the specifics of the industry, but also emphasizes the uniqueness of your approach to solving customer problems. Using the strategies and examples presented in this article, you can create a business proposal that will stand out from your competitors and effectively convey the value of your services to potential clients. Remember, the key to success is to continually improve and adapt your offering to changing market conditions and the needs of your target audience.

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