How to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine?

  • 31.8.2022
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
  • Category: Business

Despite the international giant crypto-exchanges, known almost all over the world, we are more comfortable using the services of financial companies of Ukrainian origin, which is why the question “How to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine?” can be heard quite often, especially after the sharp spread of virtual currency on the territory of our state.

Which platform to choose for buying cryptocurrency in Ukraine?

You can buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine on cryptocurrency exchanges (centralized and decentralized), on P2P platforms, through exchangers (online and offline) and through the terminal.

If you do not yet have experience in the field of digital currency and you will only learn a new area for yourself, then we recommend choosing a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. On it, you can both get information for further successful trading and keep your funds safe, because high-quality crypto exchanges, first of all, care about security.

What features to pay attention to when choosing a crypto exchange?

You can start choosing a crypto exchange by reading reviews on independent sites and analyzing ratings, among which special attention should be paid to the reliability rating.

Now among the Ukrainian crypto-exchanges, WhiteBIT is considered the best. Although it has not existed for so long, but thanks to the rapid development and high-quality provision of services, it is included in many international ratings.

Also, when choosing a crypto exchange, we look at the number of trading pairs, currency volatility, trading volume, as well as ways to withdraw currency.

How to make a deposit with a Ukrainian credit card?

The procedure for making a deposit or replenishing a balance is similar on every international crypto exchange. And of course, not only the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange makes it possible to replenish the balance using a hryvnia credit card. You can choose any platform that supports the hryvnia fiat currency.

To replenish the balance, you should select the ticker of the currency in which you want to make a deposit. By the way, when making a deposit using a hryvnia card, it is not necessary to select the UAH ticker. Dollar, euro and other state currencies can also be bought with a hryvnia card. Replenishing the balance will automatically be exchanged from the hryvnia to the currency of your choice.

In addition to choosing a currency ticker for replenishment, you also need to choose a payment system that sets its own commission for services.

By following a few simple steps, your balance will be topped up.

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