SEO for an online store of home appliances

Work on the project lasted a year: from January 2013 to January 2014.

Анализ трафика интернет-магазина бытовой техники

Amount of work that was accomplished.

Website auditing:

  • Mega tags auto fill module set
  • SEO-friendly URLs created (old URL were merged with new 301 redirect)
  • Double slash URL errors amended
  • xml and robots.txt were amended
  • Interactive map from Google was added to contacts page
  • Micro sectoring was used
  • Unique descriptions to categories and brands were added. Semantic slicing is used for these pages.
  • RSS flow for for news, promotional events and articles were added to the website. Acquired feeds were added to RSS catalogs. 
  • Outgoing links leading to nofollow were closed.
  • Keywords density on the page was increased by replacing “Add to  recycle bin” for “Buy”.
  • Semantic search with auto complete added.
  • Added ability to leave your comments for the the goods.
  • Damaged links fixed.
  • Fixed bugs with repeated goods.

Links analysis. “Bad” links were downloaded to Google web masters tools for Google not to take them into account.  Linkbuilding and linkbaiting. Creation and  deployment of press releases. Creation of unique goods’ descriptions for the website.

Website had affiliates that belonged to one owner. To escape penalties used for affiliates were taken  following measures:

  • Different ips were used for websites ,
  • All contact information was removed from “whois“.
  • Different GWT accounts were used for websites.
  • Pages with contact information on affiliate websites in robots.txt were closed.
  • On those websites attribute rel=”canonical” to the main site was used.

Socialization: “share” buttons added for every merchandise,  article, special offer; site wide links for brand pages in Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte were also added.  

SMM: Google+, Twitter, rel=”publisher” usage.

Work with behavioral factors and social bookmarks.

Аналитика поведенческих факторов интернет-магазина бытовой техники


Positions: (257  promoted key words). TOP-10  increase for Google –  from 2,3 % to 49 % (+46,7 %); for Yandex,ua – from 8,5 % to 12 % (+3,5 %).

Traffic: In December 2012 organic traffic amounted 12372 unique visitors,  in December  2013 it amounted 38 052  (growth +207,56 %).

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About project
  • Date: 01.01.2013
  • Category: SEO
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