How to write a script for a commercial?

  • 2.9.2020
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Why do you need a script for advertising?

Video scripts are a kind of foundation, without which creating a quality video is almost impossible, unless you are David Fincher, of course.

We need an idea for a quality video! A good idea is half the battle. Just do not engage in plagiarism, as a sophisticated viewer will instantly recognize the catch and the video will not be popular.

In the modern world, it is no longer so important for which resource you plan to make a video. YouTube or TV. Famous brands have been shooting one video for a long time, which is used both on the Internet and on television, with the only difference being that the shortened version is sometimes used in the TV version.

If you want the advertising of your product to be effective and resonate with the audience, and the funds spent on creating the video do not go down the drain, then it’s time to start preparing a high-quality script.

Scripts for videos: where to start?

  1. The target audience. To write a good script for a commercial, it is very important to know the product that you want to talk about in the advertisement. It is equally important to understand what kind of audience you want to reach with your advertising campaign.

When analyzing the target audience, it is important to isolate your buyer from the total mass of all viewers and influence him. An ad shot for everyone rarely succeeds.

When defining your audience, you should pay attention to:

  • geography;
  • demographics;
  • social status.

It would be great to do A / B testing or use neuromarketing if you need in-depth analysis.

  1. Analysis of competitors. Be sure to pay attention to which videos your competitors are using so that the general idea doesn’t repeat itself.
  2. Actors. If you are going to write a script for a non-animated video, then select actors who can perform the necessary roles with high quality. Of course, your friends will gladly agree to help you shoot commercials, but here it is important not to make a mistake with the choice of heroes.
  3. Timing. When writing a script, do not forget to decide on the timing of the commercial itself. The duration depends on the number of replicas that you can write. In one minute there should be no more than 130-140 words, keep this in mind.

How to write a script for a video?

Wondering how to write a script for a commercial?

We give a hint, it would be right to approach this moment, having a clearly defined terms of reference (brief) with information from the Client. Here, the objectives of the advertising “spectacle” and, of course, the budgetary side of the issue are clearly and understandably described.

Any script, as a rule, consists of three parts:

  • Getting to know the hero Presentation of an advertising product.
  • The main part, which represents the main thematic content of the text.
  • Сulmination Here it is appropriate to show the same benefit aimed at the target audience.

The duration of the commercial, of course, will depend on the budget allocated for its creation and promotion. Therefore, do not get carried away creating special effects in the race for your audience. Remember, the main thing is to keep his attention and interest with the help of the exact word, supplemented by a visual picture. And do not forget to imagine yourself in the role of the very viewer for whom you are creating your advertising masterpiece.

And what will be the benefit to the buyer from your product? Does he really need it that much? Try to ask these and many other questions every time. Believe me, the return on high-quality, competent advertising is many times greater than the expected results.

The task of a copywriter at the stage of creating a video script is to present his original vision of the opportunity to sell a particular product. Right now, a copywriter is given a great chance to prove himself and demonstrate all his creative and analytical skills. Upon completion of writing the text, other specialists will work with the finished script, who will bring it to full perfection and turn the literary version into a real film.

In the script of the commercial, it is imperative to prescribe the main message, the main slogan of the advertisement. This slogan should be easy to remember and assimilate in the brain of the viewer.

When writing a script, try to mention the name of the product, service or company brand twice. Once at the beginning of the video, and once at the end. Remember, not all people watch ads to the end.

It will be great if your video gives people positive associations and joy.

Interest in your text, yes, yes, namely the text, most of the audience, and then the visual picture will become only an associative addition to it. And this will be the first step towards creating your script.

Camera, motor!

Do you have a script ready and a team to shoot a commercial, think that’s it?

Have you prepared in advance, the operator is waiting for the start, the teleprompter is set up, the lights are on, and a detailed storyboard has already been created? A few words about the storyboard. This is the same as a storyboard.

A storyboard is important in the filming process, these are sketches that highlight key scenes in a video.

For a one-minute video, 30 storyboard frames will suffice. When creating it, every second is taken into account, you can see where the camera should be in the third second, what the hero says, where he is looking and what kind of musical special effect sounds.

A storyboard will save you a lot of time when shooting a promotional video.

Equally important is the run before shooting. This is something like a dress rehearsal, but just before the shooting of the video. Run-throughs will help the actors tune into the role, and the film crew will see if everything is set up correctly and if there is enough on set.

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